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Re: Legality of Compound (Archery) Bow Cruising other Countries

I wish I was knee deep in mangos. They are 30 ft up where I'm at

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Re: Legality of Compound (Archery) Bow Cruising other Countries

Originally Posted by Catalpa1 View Post
Also check locally with province or state laws, as here in Oz, slingshots and bows are legal in Queensland but outlawed almost everywhere else. Air rifles are illegal everywhere, but I've learnt to be a pretty good shot with the sling. It just can't have an armrest attached to it, because it improves accuracy, the powers to be have decided that's it's better to fire ball bearings wildly lol
This is not entirely correct, the use of a slingshot (without a fore**** something) a longbow,a spear are all allowed only on private property and then only when you have the landholders permission.

But they are illegal at all times when pissed that puts them out for most of us!!!

Try walking down the street with one exposed to the public and you will have issues, don't ask how i know!!

These weapons are lawful to have just don't get caught letting anyone see them or use them in a public area.

Basically they are restricted to larger property where when fired the projectile cannot cross onto public land.

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Re: Legality of Compound (Archery) Bow Cruising other Countries

Originally Posted by DeftxM View Post
I wish I was knee deep in mangos. They are 30 ft up where I'm at
Ok, I'll play another round...

What does the compound bow setup cost?

Everywhere I have been you give a kid 50 cents and he climbs the tree, gets the mango (or coconut) peels it (or opens it) and serves it to you. If you want to "ruin" the local economy and make a friend for life you give him a buck.

Oh and I am pretty sure I can import yankee bucks just about everywhere - LOL...
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Re: Legality of Compound (Archery) Bow Cruising other Countries

Originally Posted by Hud3 View Post
OK, thanks. The American Virgin Islands might be more tolerant of things like bows and arrows, but I don't really know. I lived on Nevis, in the eastern Caribbean, for six years, and I believe you'd get the same reaction (below) on most of the English-heritage islands in the Lesser Antilles.

First, you will be asked to declare any "firearms and ammunition" when you clear in. Is a bow a firearm? Good question! You'd probably be tempted to assume a firearm is a pistol, rifle or shotgun, and not list your bow and arrows. So, then you take it ashore for a little target practice. A local sees you shooting your arrows and calls the police. The constable comes, and politely asks you to accompany him to the station, where you are put in a holding cell overnight.

The next day (or next week, perhaps) the Magistrate quizzes you as to what you're doing with an un-declared offensive weapon on the island. It's not a "firearm", you protest. "Hmmm, Mr. DeftxM", says the Magistrate. "Do you realize that it is illegal to carry any offensive weapon on Nevis? This includes, but is not limited to, small pocket knives, catapults (slingshots), machetes carried in the open (uncovered), bow and arrows, and Mace or pepper spray, not to mention guns of various sorts. We will keep you under detention until we sort this out. I think that I will also require Customs to search your boat to see what else you might have that is un-declared".

This is not far-fetched. A friend of mine on Nevis was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to seven years at hard labor in Her Majesty's Prison on St Kitts for importing and declaring a part for a .22 cal rifle that was left in the house he bought by the previous owner. His wife was also arrested, but released after a week in prison. He was released from jail and appealed his conviction, but his passport was held, and he could not leave the island. After about three years of living in limbo he was finally allowed to leave the island. And I've read newspaper reports of locals being convicted and sentenced to jail time for carrying small pocket knives.

It's a different world down there, and enforcement can be very random. You can't rely on what you've experienced in the US, or what you think is "logical" or "fair".
This website might be the most reliable in gun laws in just about any country in the world, "". By the way, weapon laws in St. Kitts/Nevis are not exactly what you have stated apart from your friend's experience. According to Noonsite, a very reliable website by the way, says that firearms brought into St. Kitts,"must be declared and usually are bonded on board." (St Kitts & Nevis —) You might need to apply for a permit to own weapons but preferably, you might have to do that at a local St Kitts embassy before you go on there. Getting to the part of the bow and arrow controversy, in noonsite forum, "Ideas for Deterring Pirates" (Ideas For Deterring Pirates —), one sailor said a bow and arrow is mentioned as one of the alternatives of self defense to a gun. It would be a plus if you put bow-fishing gear on it. Having read your example story of bringing in a bow and arrow to the island, I would recommend that it would be better to declare the bow and arrow to the islands and then leave in a safe, secure place in the boat when you go ashore. I agree on what would happen if you brought the bow and arrow ashore.
When I was 18 yo (exactly 2 years ago), I went on an RCCL Christmas cruise to the Bahamas,St. Thomas, and St.Marteen and I brought an AXE deodorant spray (I am 20 yo by the way and my peers use the AXE spray alot and the AXE spray can be quite dangerous when sprayed on the face.) as well as a sharp pen with me ashore as self defense tools. Luckily I never had to use them at these times and I hope I never have to use them. Based on my experience and awareness, my idea of an alternative self defense to bring ashore is an AXE deodorant spray (or something similar) and a sharp pen (or tactical pen if it does not have any weapon printings or militaristic looks) as I am sure (but not guaranteed to be right) that these two things are legal to bring in ashore in most if not all countries. This is based on my reasoning that the AXE spray is the closest thing to pepper spray and a tatical pen or sharp pen might be the closest thing to a pocket knife.
As for defense on the boat, I recommend bringing a bow/arrows (with bow-fishing equipment) with you for defense on the boat to deter attackers from coming on-board. But like I said, I recommenced that the bow/arrows be left on-board in a safe place when you get ashore.
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Re: Legality of Compound (Archery) Bow Cruising other Countries

AXE deodorant as a self-defense spray!?! Sorry, but I'm not buyin' it. Sounds to me a lot like the old-wives tales about wasp spray being good for self-defense. My guess would be that, like wasp spray, it is unpleasant, but not anywhere NEAR enough incapacitating to really be effective for self-defense.

...So I just spent a little time googling it. Found a couple of youtube videos where they claim to show how amazingly effective AXE spray is for defense. Except that none of the videos showed that. Like I expected, all the videos showed people being sprayed, and maybe crying a little or experiencing some discomfort, but in none of them--not one, single one!--were the people truly incapacitated by it. They could ALL, very easily, have continued an attack if that is what they wanted to do.

So, if you have a problem with body odor then, by all means, carry some AXE spray around with you. I imagine it works reasonably well for that. For self-defense, though? No way.
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Re: Legality of Compound (Archery) Bow cruising other countries

Originally Posted by Jim Cate View Post
FWIW, here in Oz even a slingshot is considered an illegal weapon, and Customs will confiscate them upon clearance. I wonder how Ned Kelly would have dealt with that sort of weapon control?

It would be nice if it were that simple. In Aus it varies from state to state.

In QLD it's actually fine to have a slingshot. (Unless this has changed very recently.)

Some places in NSW it's illegal to even be carrying a crab pot on your vessel.
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Re: Legality of Compound (Archery) Bow Cruising other Countries

Originally Posted by denverd0n View Post
AXE deodorant as a self-defense spray!?!
Have you gotten even a mere whiff of AXE? Usually you don't get just a whiff but more like a cloud of smell. I swear AXE is what is causing the zombie outbreaks!

Originally Posted by denverd0n View Post
Sorry, but I'm not buyin' it....
Yeah, I am not buying it either, either AXE or AXE as a defensive spray.

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Re: Legality of Compound (Archery) Bow Cruising other Countries

I love these posts that say "In the USA they'd consider......blah blah blah..."

Archery hunting regulations vary from state to state. There are no "USA" rules that cover it all. I think some people are getting hunting regulations confused with archery regulations.

I am pretty sure a ten year old kid can walk into a WalMart anywhere in the USA and buy a bow and arrow setup. If he wants to hunt with it, then he has to abide by hunting regulations during archery season. If he wants to practice shooting at a target, he doesn't need any kind of license or permit whatsoever.

They sell them in toy stores.

Expat life in the Devil's Triangle:
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