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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: in Venezuela, now
Boat: Island Packet 380
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New sails/pricing

We are in PLC, Venezuela and are considering getting all new sails, total 3:
in-mast furling main
125 jib
for IP 380
Has anyone priced all new sails in the US? Like for a 40' cutter rig boat with a 56' mast.... or even just a main and jib that are comparable.

I just need a ballpark idea of how much we will save...the will be North Sails made in Argentina.

thanks for any help

"Only use lifeboat when the alternative is swimming"
on CYAN in Venezuela for hurricane season
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New sail prices are all over the map. The best prices quoted seem to be from Hong Kong lofts such as Lee Sails....very big outfit in business for a long time. Good sails, great prices.

Here are a few prices from Annapolis, MD for a 42' sloop with a tall rig:

New North Sails full-batten main purpose-built for in-boom roller furling: $4,500 (NorDac 9.5 oz)

New Scott Sails 130' roller-furling genoa 7.3 oz. Dacron: $3,032

New Scott Sails 1.5oz nylon asymmetrical spinnaker w/sock $2,693

Depending on the loft, materials, size, etc., I'm sure you'll find a wide range of prices.

Also, you might check the prices on good used sails from, e.g., Bacon and Associates:


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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: in Venezuela, now
Boat: Island Packet 380
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will continue looking

After talking to cruisers here we have decided to wait until we are across the Pacific, as we originally planned, and try some of these eastern mail order companies. Far East sails were mentioned too.

Thanks for getting back to me.

We might sell the boat in a few years after 2 years in the pacific so we will get "good enuf" sails.

We are hearing that Austrailia may be better to sell than coming home...still checking that out.
"Only use lifeboat when the alternative is swimming"
on CYAN in Venezuela for hurricane season
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My experience with Scott Sails was not that great. I believed the loft to be in VA, but my 2-week late sail delivery was blamed on US Customs in Seattle. Construction seems to be OK - the luff tape has a folded seam / wrinkle but stitching looks fine. Just don't be surprised to find - as I was - that the sail build is done overseas.

They have an Annapolis address also - be sure to have them specify which office to correspond with. My sail was delayed at the start because I sent deposit to Annapolis - per their invoice - but they were looking for it in VA. You'd think that the 2 people who run the business would be able to correspond. I heard that excuse 3 times during the ordeal - "oh, that must have gone to the OTHER office."

Overall experience for me has led me to cross them off my list for the next time I need a sail.
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The one thing that I keep hearing about the Asian sail lofts is a durability issue. The cutting pattern and the quality of the cloth make a difference in the longevity of the sail. Not all sailcloth is made the same. Each sailmaker specifies the quality level of the cloth they are ordering and the big weavers have a whole range of cloths at the same weight but different quality. In a conversation with a major sail cloth manufacturer it became clear that the materials shipped to small lofts and bargain lofts is generally spec'ed to a lesser standard, and that the better lofts actually have proprietary specifications and testing programs not available to the 'bargain lofts'. Cloth quality matters less to racers who change sails long before they wear out, but for a cruiser, cloth quality is important.

I also found that with big companies like North, Harstick, Banks there are times of year when they have their better deals and that they also have incentives for prepayment, etc. that make them very competitive with the so-called bargain lofts.

The problem with 'good enough' sails is that they send the message that maintenance may also have been 'good enough' in other words done on a shoe string and the so it may effect resale on an otherwise quality percieved boat far more than the small savings in buying from a bargain loft. This is especially true if the look blown out because of poorer cutting patterns and lower spec cloth.

I do understand that the prices for comparable model boats are much higher in Australia than the U.S., which is the reverse of a five years ago, the last time that I did a comparason search.

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Sunspot Baby got new sails in 1993, from Banks Sails. She is a 38 ft. catamaran, cutter rigged. Here is a breakdown of the sail quote. Neither of us can remember how the discount came about (senior moment), but it could have been for paying cash. This did not include the stack pack, which was completed earlier.

Sail Quote
Main $1,496.00
Reef 1 $ 90.00
Reef 2 $ 90.00
Full batten $419.00
Subtotal $2,095.00

Clubmate Gen $2,939.00
Foam Luff $ 288.00
Sunbrella $ 477.00
Subtotal $3,704.00

Staysail $684.00
Cover $ 264.00
Subtotal $ 948.00

Quote Total $6,747.00
Discount15%- $1,012.00
Actual Total $5,735.00

"Never a ship sails out of a bay
but carries my heart as a stowaway."
-Roselle Mercier Montgomery"
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This was MY quote from LAM Sails 2003

Below you will find a quotation for your requested sails. You pay
> the wholesale price and nothing more. These are DELIVERED Prices.
> You Pay
> Wholesale Retail
> --------- -------
> *Main with 2 reef 8.08 oz 1719.08 3438.16
> *Mizzen with 2 reef 8.08 oz 614.26 1228.52
> *130% Genoa with uv cover 7.08 oz 1357.66 2715.32
> *Cru. Spin w/sock 1.5 oz 1493.31 2952.00
> Mizzen Staysail 1.5 oz 546.64 1093.28
> (We do not make sail cover) -10% for ordering 3 or more sails
*- description below
> 1 pc Mainsail of 8.6oz Uswt dacron, 48'0" x 17'9", 2
> reefs, Rutgerson #1530-xx-03 Battcars & #1500

> Full-batten fittings (for the 2 top battens)
> included
> 1 pc Mizzen of 8.6oz Uswt dacron, 30'0" x 8'9", 2
> reefs
> 1 pc 130% Furling Genoa of 7.3oz Uswt dacron, 54'0"
> x 23'3" x 51'9", with acrylic sunstrips
> 1 pc Radial Head Drifter of 1.5oz USwt nylon, with
> sock US$1522
> Total: US$5487
> Terms: 50 percent down, balance when sails are ready to ship from
> Hong Kong. All amounts are in U.S. Dollars. Sails represent our
> recommended cloth weight, other weights are available.
> Sails are air shipped to your door. We pay all custom charges,
> duties, taxes, shipping, insurance, etc. You pay nothing more.
> Other companies charge you handling and freight so please be
> sure you compare their total price with our total price. Lead
> time is approximately 4 weeks from receipt of order. Shipping
> time is two to four days via UPS Air Express.
> We can arrange shipping to any destination in the world.
> Shipments to non U.S. and Canada addresses are xwork Hong Kong.
> We will pay best way shipping and insurance, usually air, if air
> facilities are available in your area.
> Sails are offshore cruising sails, manufactured to the highest
> cruising standards. Sails are manufactured by LAM SAILS in Hong
> Kong. LAM SAILS is the Hong Kong sailmaking founder and the best
> established Sailmaker In Hong Kong. Lam has been making sails
> since 1952 and they have produced over 100,000 yacht sails
> including OEM Sails. Many of the original sails on your vessel
> may have been produced by LAM and then distributed by a U.S.
> Company. LAM has a sail logo that looks like a > sign. Mike Lam
> is the son of the founder and is producing the above quotation.
> Sailcloth is quoted in U.S. Weight. Lam acquires fabric from
> Bainbridge, Challenge, and Contender. We use the same cloth North
> uses in their Hong Kong cruising sail facility. We are one of the
> largest single purchasers of sailcloth in the World and we buy
> on the spot market. Our direct purchase of sailcloth translates
> into savings for you. Cloth is selected on the basis of your sail
> dimensions and loads placed on the sail based on the aspect ratio
> of your vessel.
> All sails comes with a sail bag. Sails over 200 sq.ft. are triple
> stitched without surcharge. All sails come with leach line and
> cam cleat except high clew and storm wind sails. All sails have a
> 1 year limited warranty. Main/Mizzen tacks and headsail clews
> come with leather protection. Slides and hanks come with soft
> film protector against chafing. Sails have Pressed Alloy Cringles
> of Stainless Steel. Slide and Hank Eyelets are Nickel-plated.
> Special sail construction options are available, such as hand
> sewn slugs and grommets, logos and sail numbers. Please ask if
> you are interested.
> Sails are guaranteed to your sail measurement form. Final quotes
> are based on that form, not quick quotations. Ninety percent of
> quick quotes match up to the measurement forms. ALL information
> about the sail MUST be on the measurement form. Do not rely on
> email messages prior to submitting your measurement form.
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We are hearing that Austrailia may be better to sell than coming home...still checking that out.
Make sure you include the tax you will have to pay the aussie government
Your yacht will attract duty of 5% and GST of 10%.
"Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors - and miss."
Robert A Heinlein
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Originally Posted by Jeff H
The one thing that I keep hearing about the Asian sail lofts is a durability issue. The cutting pattern and the quality of the cloth make a difference in the longevity of the sail.
Well, Rolly Tasker now has the largest sail loft in the world right here in Thailand (Phuket). I believe the reputation is pretty good. I had a storm jib made and the quality seemed good to my admittedly untrained eye. Prices are very competitive.

Incidentally, the Tasker operation, which I visited prior to the new loft, is rather impressive. The sailmakers are all Thai women, mostly Phuket locals, who are trained up from scratch. They're extremely efficient workers and watching them move the work on and off the cutting floor is like watching a ballet.

I also had some Lee Sails made in Hong Kong which performed well (though I have nothing to compare to). I priced some sails Lee vs. Tasker and found them fairly comparable.
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New sails

My Tanzer class association organized a group purchase from North in Ontario Canada. We purchased about 70 sails and got a good deal. North locally ( left coast of Canada ) has winter deals and I bought a new main and headsail for my boat two years ago. For the Laser 28 the captain went to a NZ company ( sails on line ) for a new 1/2 ounce spinnaker that we are pleased with.

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