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Re: Boat Too Big

Originally Posted by rebel heart View Post
I work as a charter captain onboard a FP Tabago 35. Great boat, and much easier to handle than a 45+. I think you'll like it a lot if you spend some time on one. Personally I prefer monohulls myself, but catamarans are a bit like a floating condo. Hard to beat for amenities and space.
I have similar thoughts! A 45' cat is like a floating three bedroom home. If it is just going to be you and the wife something a bit smaller is going to be easier to handle. Similarly, if your fears are quickly fading and you are willing to accept floorboards that can tilt to a good 45 degrees plus, you might even start to think a 45' monohull is a bit on the big side.

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Why not find a charter where she can try her hand at it and see that it's what she wants. I am familiar with spouses that hate heeling. Our first time out my spouse stood in the companion way screaming (literally!) "nooooooooo tippy!". This was a monohull that got her waterline (speed) once heeled. Things got much better after a few months but i could still see lingering fear. After purchasing a different and larger boat that doesn't need a lot of heel we can now sail in peace and everyone is happy.

To answer the original question I would say assuming that the boat is properly rigged and equipped and she is a good sailor absolutely. You could take an ASA 101 class and hit the ground running with her. I would suggest you go along shopping too. You may find a few things you consider important as first mate. SC

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Re: Boat Too Big

Originally Posted by Boracay View Post
There are some smaller cats, but 38' would be the smallest that I would consider. Many long voyages have been made in smaller cats but I am not aware of any that have been made single handed.
Mate of mine just finished sailing alone around Australia on his Seawind 1000XL. Seemed to manage okay. He is 60. Another mate has taken his Seawind from here to Greece, over the past few years and he is pushing seventy. The little 9 metre GBE has done a number of single handed trips from here to South Pacific. I think Cat ManDo on this forum took his 9 metre cat to New Cal, not sure if he single handed. I have probably done twenty, 3 or 4 day trips alone on a variety of cats and tris.

Single handing a cat is way easier than single handing a mono, I speak from experience having single handed on both.
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Re: Boat Too Big

You might consider talking her into a bareboat charter in the caribbean. There are many catamarans (and monos) of that size range available. You might just find that you end up loving it. (I bet you don't need to do much to talk her into it.)
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Re: Boat Too Big

Yeah, a charter (or 2?) would be a good idea - bash someone else's boat!.......and fun too. A learning experiance for both of you.

Can a single person handle a "big" boat? Yes, of course they can......unless circumstances arise where they need a 2nd pair of hands or eyes - and those do happen, albeit most can be worked around. Whether your Missus can is a seperate issue.

And also the fun factor does come into it - what is a laid back and pleasant experiance for 2 or 3 can turn into a PITA for one. Can do and want to do being seperate things.
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Re: Boat Too Big

Originally Posted by sailcruiser View Post
To answer the original question I would say assuming that the boat is properly rigged and equipped and she is a good sailor absolutely. You could take an ASA 101 class and hit the ground running with her. I would suggest you go along shopping too. You may find a few things you consider important as first mate. SC

I am looking today to find one of these classes. I may have to head down to Charleston for it though. I did speak to the local sailing club this morning and will be going out with them on a local lake on Monday. They do a free sailing orientation class so I can at least learn some of the terminology.

What she told me was that even though she knows she can handle the 46 footer alone she would not really want to. There is a big difference in what one has the ability to do and the desire to do.

I will absolutely be shopping with her, but am not sure how much I will add to the process other than the finances. Well, I take that back I do have a few requirments, but most of those will be after the purchase additions as I really doubt you are going to find a boat with the locking storage compartment that I will require.
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Re: Boat Too Big

The catamarans you're considering dont "heel". So now you can go with her! I see no real need for her to have that big a catamaran though. something in the mid 30's length wise should be fine, although there are less available in that size I suppose...
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Re: Boat Too Big

Originally Posted by CPTRice View Post
After reading some on here about these boats I am thinking you might be on to something here. So would it be reasonable to have some inexperienced hack help out on the boat. Or would I just be more of a hinderance.

I really do want to share her passion, but it just scares the hell out of me. I know it is pretty pathetic and if any of my guys on the team hear about this I am through.
You might want to go out onto a small lake with six feet of depth and fool around falling out of a 14 foot daysailer. Half a dozen harmless dunkings and you'll wonder why you were bothered.

As for your wife, we stopped at 41 feet because that's the size of gear she could handle if I was unconscious or dead and she had to solo sail our son and boat to safety.

I find your wife's choice pretty large for soloing, and think 35-42 feet is a good ballpark for a mono (assuming she doesn't want a giant cat).

Giant cats are very expensive to dock, by the way, and hard to dock in a cross-wind due to windage. They have plenty of charm in the Caribbean, but plenty of beam in the marina. Beam equals money.
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Re: Boat Too Big

It sounds like you might want to consider a Manta. They made a 38, 40, and 42. All the newer ones are 42s. They are set up from the factory for short handed sailing and are outfitted really nice and most are loaded. They say tacking is as easy as turning the wheel.
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Re: Boat Too Big


as far as I know, the hulls / deck of the Manta 38-40-42 are identical. They simply added more steps to the transom over time, and changed some bits and pieces in the equipment.
As for 'tacking', the Manta 40' does not tack very well. In fact, you cannot tack the Manta in less than 12 knots of wind under main sail alone. Back in 2004 / 2005, when the Manta 42 Mark IV was one of the Cruising World or Sail Magazine's 'boat of the year contenders', the judges chose the Leopard 40' as Boat of the Year because it was the only cruising cat in the 40' range that could tack under main sail alone in light air.

Regards, Peter
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Reading one page of this I am under the impression some here are getting their chains yanked.
W.I.B. Crealock when asked what he thought of the easily trailerable Clipper Marine sailboats by a naval design collegue, Gentelman Bill responded, "I am very proud of them". &
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Re: Boat Too Big

This is a common problem it's just usually the other way around. There are many, many guys who's wives won't cruise with them. You can spot them in any marina - a cruising boat (not racing) with all male "buddies" as crew. I like cruising with my wife more than anyone else. Whatever boat will keep her cruising is the boat I want to own.

The risk is that your wife is compromising her choices based on a guess as to what you would like - an you don't really know yourself. Healing in a stiff ocean going 44ft mono feels very different than healing on a 25ft boat lake boat.

So I would do two charters. One in a mono and one in a cat. Probably a 42-44ft mono and a 36-38ft cat (about the same interior volume and cost). You guys will also see if you can work together as a team with her as captain.

In any case --- you are a lucky man

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Re: Boat Too Big

I know of at least two cruising couples operating catamrans larger than 40' and they have few problems relating to boat size. I sail my 44' catamaran solo and find it easier than my earlier 34' mono. You will like the Mahe.
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pirate Re: Boat Too Big

Consider a Gemini 105MC, I owned monohulls before and this is a great Cat for someone to single hand. Be happy to discuss further
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Re: Boat Too Big

CPTRice, sounds to me like you have a bona fide keeper for a spouse! If she's experienced, then she's going to know what is too much to handle and what is just right. For what it's worth, my wife and I handle our 44 foot sailing cat just fine. I've also known some female sailors much smaller than me would could out sail me any day of the week and on much bigger boats than ours. Trust her. Get some lessons and experience for yourself, independent of her. That will also tell her that you're serious about helping her with her dream, too. I think you two will do great.


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