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On ebay you can cancel an auction only up to and before that last 12hours of listing. I guess these people waited to long and took this route which is to say the least weird. And yes they would have to pay listing fees. I guess it would be unethical to "prime the pump" but if you do don't outbid your other bidders. I mean second bidder had to be close.

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You guy's all rock!
I was watching that particular boat and thought about making a bid. But there were hardly any photos so I imagined it was too good to be true.

My experience on ebay boats has been so-so, I was the second highest bid on a 35 footer two years ago, was offered a second chance opportunity so I made a caveat of acceptence to be that I would accept the boat after I looked the boat over personally. It was an eight hour drive that was worth it because the boat was not what I was looking for.

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We were the 1st buyer on 2/8 and feel redeemed by this forum. We had asked whether there was deck crazing before we bid on the boat and were assured the only crazing was limited to a little crazing in the cockpit. We sent the deposit of $2000 and immediately made plans to travel from Caribbean to Florida to see the boat with the check for the balance in our hands. Upon inspection we found crazing bow to stern coming through the year old paint. It had rained the night before and the crazing was very noticeable. The steering was repaired, not replaced. The cockpit sole was questionable around pedestal base. The seller had to get the oil pressure up before several attempts to start the engine.(?) We have had 20 years of offshore boating experience and we have always kept a proper boat. This boat was neglected and very wanting. The seller was abusive to us after we declined the boat. He made numerous, slanderous remarks about us and kept our deposit. We left negative, honest feedback so that no one else would get burned.
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Obviously the seller here is questionable, but I wouldn't go as far as to call the pricing outrageously cheap, even given the condition. There is a Cape Dory from Stuart, FL listed on yachtworld currently for $24,900 which looks to be in fairly good condition and posted by a reputable broker (1982 Cape Dory Sail Boat For Sale - Admittedly this seems cheap as well given that the next list price is $33,000, but it is important to remember that a yachtworld asking price is higher than the actual offer nearly 100% of the time. I would imagine that $20,000 wouldn't be far off from the offer on that first 33. The fact is the boats are depreciating in value as they age plus these economic times lead some to be more desperate to sell for less as they need the cash. It would seem that these sellers are not that sort, though, and more the type who is trying to get rid of a problem boat that none of the hurricanes have destroyed for them.
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We were the 1st buyer on 2/8 and feel redeemed by this forum. We had asked whether there was deck crazing before we bid on the boat and were assured the only crazing was limited to a little crazing in the cockpit. We sent the deposit of $2000 and immediately made plans to travel from Caribbean to Florida to see the boat with the check for the balance in our hands.
This clearly is not the right approach even if you got good advice here (we do try). For a first time buyer being in a hurry is not the best course. You only think you are in a hurry. Chasing after deals is also a bad percentage game. Taking your time and looking at boats closer to home is part of the process of learning how to buy a boat. If you are not near the water it just will cost you an extra $5,000 - deal with it. Chasing deals means you never really learn the things you would learn taking the time and walking docks as well as reading at CF and looking at ads. Walking docks and looking at real boats in the water teaches the reality of boats. What they really look like and how much money they are asking is just the basics. It's common ground you can be sure of. The offers and the deals come a whole lot later. You'll lean why you like things even if you have littrle experience you'll still learn a lot more.

They can look nicer in pictures than in a real life. Boats often feel better than the pictures when you get there. Never buy a boat you don't like and never buy a boat you can't afford. Those are absolute limits so come to terms with that idea. The key is liking the best boat you can find that you can afford and closing the deal. You should know it's your best option and why before you try to buy it.

Running around great distances to get a bargain is the surest way to lose a lot of money. No $20,000 boat is worth the price of an airline ticket or a 12 hour drive - period. You really can't judge a boat by it's pictures to fully understand it enough to put down a deposit - ever. A boat that needs work 1000 miles from home is going to bleed you silly. The descriptions and assurances mean little. Even if accurate in descriptions they don't say what they don't say. There is always more no matter what perfect boat comes along.

Age is not the only factor as a well maintained boat can be in good shape even if the shine is a little dull. A poorly maintained 5 year old boat can be a disaster too. The stuff you can't see in the pictures can bleed your bank account dry in a heart beat. A $20,000 boat could cost another $50,000 easily. What they don't tell you is usually everything that matters most. It is possible to like a boat based on an ad. I have to say I liked both boats we purchased from the ads even if getting to the purchase included other boats in between and finding the real reasons to buy it. The process assures you can't buy a boat you never really saw in person.

For anyone that can't afford to throw the boat away if they don't like it, you need a process - not a bargain. The money you pay up front is just the entrance fee to the main event. With slip fees, insurance, and maintenance (doing your own) you are into thousands of dollars every year you breath even if you never leave the dock. That is where the real money comes in. Ten years later the $20,000 boat just costs far more than you paid for it. Make sure you are in love first, then consider the money, then add more money before you show up for the wedding. The savings in being sure and knowing why are the best deal there is.
Paul Blais
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Sorry, if you misunderstood. We were the first buyer on eBay for the boat in discussion. We will never buy a boat again without viewing it first and having it surveyed. We have had 6 sailboats over the course of 25 years and we never bought one through eBay. Our last boat was an Allied Mistress and we sailed offshore with it and down from Maine to Caribbean. My sister lives near where the Cape Dory was built and we are very familiar with the boat. Our favorite boat was a no frills Allied Seawind Sloop rigged. We wish we had not sold it but we have 5 children and it was too small. Now that our children are out on their own we are looking for a smaller boat.
The boat in Yachtworld may be the boat we put a deposit on from eBay. Buyers Beware. If you want a project boat this one is for you. Like Paul Blais said, "they can look nicer in pictures than in real life". This is definitely true of the Cape Dory 33 cutter that was on eBay. Stuart, Florida is the next town south of where the boat was kept.
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Visail - i would love to talk to you about the allied seawind sloop you had, was it one of the rare factory sloops?

i am the proud owner of allied seawind hull #25 which was converted from a ketch to a pilothouse cutter at some point. looks like they knew what they were doing but i would love to compare it to a factory rigged one, i can not find any pictures or drawings of factory sloops, if you have any pictures of your ex-boat you can share i would love to see them

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Sorry we can't help you with pics. You probably know about, the only line drawing I could see was for a ketch. There is an Allied Seawind Sloop on Yachtworld #55169-1479656. Our pictures are still in storage while we build our home. "Perseus", our Seawind, was initially very tender but fun to sail. Last we knew the boat, hull #116, was still in Canada.
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pressuredrop, "Perseus" was one of the rare factory sloops.
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I think I know who bought this boat. He had a excellent survey, professional. There were no major flaws. The boat had had an amateur paint job that looked less that attractive. The buyer is fairly statisfied that he got a good solid boat with lots of extras and a dingy. Who knows. Time will tell.
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Re: Cape Dory 33 Just Sold on eBay

Just saw this and will give you the rest of the story. I bought the boat for $20,000 three years ago. Spent one year on board in Jensen Beach, FL working on it. Believe me it needed plenty. The engine and rigging were good. It was dry, no rot and firm

Painted from top to bottom, bright work, new sail, cold plate, charger, inverter, water heater, ground fault, pumps, 5 spartan sea cocks(expensive), electronics, etc. A big mistake was not cleaning up the electric first. I'll guarantee I took 20lb of wire going to no where out of this boat.

After getting the boat ready went to the Bahamas in March and came back the next March. Now on the New River in Ft Lauderdale and am planning a slow 3 year trip to South America.

I now have close to $50,000 in it and some of that is just having a boat. The engine bedding and paint were $13,000. One way to spin this is what if I had bought a $40,000 Cape Dory? How much would it have needed? I know this boat and now it's what I want with all systems go. In the end was it a deal?...hell no!! Was it worth it?...hell yes!!
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Re: Cape Dory 33 Just Sold on eBay

Welcome to CF zigzag. Sounds like you have done her proud.
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Re: Cape Dory 33 Just Sold on eBay

Boats are cheap. Dozens (not quite this nice) have been literally scrapped in NE Florida in the last few years. Most have more value in the scrap lead.
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I love happy endings... Glad it worked out for you. I bought a 29 Watkins on eBay last Summer that spent some time on the no maintenance plan for a while, bring her up to par now, it going pretty well.
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Re: Cape Dory 33 Just Sold on eBay

It pays to know a few sources of marine salvaged parts, that are in very good condition. Hurricane Sandy produced an abundance of these parts. Shop around! Mauritz

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cape dory

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