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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

Some boats don't even get aft cabins (Beneteau sense, Alubat Cigale) and get middle cabins which on the Cigale are very stable thanks to the engine moved forward. They also get water ballast because they are very light. Thus you get either a large salon or lots of storage in the back with cabins middle and forward

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Location: Still enamored of higher latitudes; exploring Southcentral and Southeast Alaska— and British Columbia— for now...
Boat: Nauticat 43
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

I have had and used both forward and aft sleeping cabins on various boats over time.

Depending upon the vessel, the aft cabin is typically more spacious and welcoming. One trade-off is typically with a spacious aft cabin, the upper helm is higher, and therefore any dodger/bimini combo is also proportionally higher. I have yet to find any dodger/bimini/enclosure designs that are more aesthetic than they are functional- including our current boat. But we love our aft cabin...

In a seaway, midship pilot berths are preferred.

In our case, we have lee cloths sewn to the middle of the custom mattress pictured above [which also hinges in the middle lengthwise] as to make two pilot berths as needed.

Regarding stoves, as already mentioned, you are really limited by the pots and pans you choose to use... only so many fit in the relatively small area of the stove top... We currently have a 3 burner, but I would prefer a 2 burner for more room for cooking pans. If I need a 3rd burner I can always either use our back-up butane table-top burner, or the gimballed single burner [think crab, lobster, clam, shrimp cooking...] that can hang on the aft rail.

And let's not forget the BBQ grill...

Best wishes with your impending adventures.

Cheers! Bill

SV Denali Rose

Short on opinions; focused on research, facts & experience [yours and ours...]
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

The major advantage of a 3 or 4 burner stove is a large oven it comes with. Otherwise, two burners are usually enough.

Cabin size and location is mostly a matter of taste, except forward cabins usually have better ventilation. There are not many current production (reasonably priced) boats with comfortable aft cabins. Hunter 50 CC is the only one I am aware of that is available in the US, and it is not exactly a cheap boat. Other choices include premium segment manufacturers such as Island Packet, Passport, Tayana, Oyster, Nauticat,... Jeanneau has decent size aft cabin in 44DS with good head room, but they are not well ventilated, so only good with running AC in warm weather.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a majority of first time buyers are planning to sail around the world. Less than 1% actually do. Most of the rest never sail farther than 100 miles away from their marina. Just personal observations.
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Boat: '82 Mikawa MKII 30'
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

My Mikawa MKII 30 footer is a center cockpit. That layout allows for a sizable aft cabin and I like it very much. There is one area that is the underside of the cockpit that took some getting used to bu I very seldom whack my head on it now.
As for sailing goes, though, I would prefer the cockpit further aft. I have found, too, that flaking the main down with no platform to stand on is hard, especially for singlehanding. But the more roomy cabin below makes that a pretty good tradeoff.
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

"If I were to be doing some circumnavigating"-gave me a chuckle :-)

In the 40-50 range you're going to get 3 burners minimum.

Aft cabin only place to sleep for the owner. Forward cabin for storage, kids or the low man on the watch schedule.

I'm of the smaller cabins, bigger cockpit crowd. Most time spent out there and a cozy small cabin all we need to read and other activities ;-)

Have fun and welcome to the forum.

"Take it all in, it's as big as it seems, count all your blessings, remember your dreams" JB
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Boat: Brewer 44' Steel
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

Have 42' steel Ted Brewer Kingsland. It is aft steering and aft cabin, hard combo to find. Most of those replying are assuming aft cabin means center cockpit. I love the aft cabin, roomy and comfortable, no stern wave slap as it is canoe stern. Aft steering much easier to dock if you BACK In. Then you can see everything coming at you. Re cable runs, NO cables, go hydraulic steering, wayy less risk of failure! Russ
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

I find the aft cabin on my 39' center cockpit boat works well for me and my lady. Sure, the lack of headroom from saloon to aft is limited so I have to duck, but the space is bigger and the height of the bed is lower making access easier. There is some noise from the battery charger and diesel furnace, genset and engine, but usually none of those are running at night. Be nice to have an island bed so we don't have to climb over. Would have to go to a bigger boat for that. We do get some wave slap in the aft once in a while and the V berth might bump the mooring bouy at night or get some noise from anchor chain. It's a trade off. Ventilation is good aft due to large hatch and 2 ports, both with rain shields. That said, we have not slept forward yet. Our guests say they slept well there.

Two burners works just fine for us. If need be, you could get a portable electric induction stove.
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

I have centre cockpit/ aft stateroom! and seems to tick [positive] all the negative comments posted.
With 6'3'' headroom throughout she fits your requirements.
Model - Delta 46 Taiwan build 1987 beautiful teak interior, and two owners from new. She could be for sale in the near future, but berthed in Portugal.
Happy hunting.
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

Aft cabin at anchor. During a passage, use a pilot berth near midships when you and your spouse/partner at on/off watch.
I use the forward cabin for storage. It could be OK for guests at anchor or at a marina. Even with our well-designed boat, I would never want to sleep forward unless I had no other option.

We have a 45' center cockpit cutter; Formosa 46.
The Kelly Peterson 44 Sailboat :

With a 45' boat you will want a larger stove, even if you don't use all the burners. I have 4 burners and sometimes use them all. But I enjoy cooking and I enjoy new foods.
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

Last year, we bought our first center cockpit boat, and absolutely love it. And we especially love the very large aft master cabin, queen-size for/aft bed, two heads/showers and (even) electric heads! (I never thought something so simple could make such a difference -- just like electric winches.)

One mistake many of us make is buying a boat to suit a particular "dream" as opposed to actual reality of how it gets used. Even if you do plan to circumnavigate the world, most of your time (unless you're fleeing from the law) will be spent at anchor or in a marina. So make sure your boat has all the creature comforts you need -- and especially your significant other needs. "Camping" or just "surviving"on boats is yester-year; we're all finally learning that being wet, cold and uncomfortable has nothing to do with manliness -- and a lot to do with exhaustion and despair and will cut short the dream (which turned into a nightmare) very quickly.

As people have mentioned, the best place to sleep when sailing is a midships -- if you have bunks/setees in the main cabin. (If heeling, you'll never stay in that nice large queen-size bed in the after cabin.) If not, and it's really rough, the main cabin floor is by far the best spot on the boat: it's the point of the lowest center of gravity and motion. Just throw down some cockpit cushions (or bunk cushions), brace yourself on either side (esp the low side) with same, and sleep like a baby.

And remember, if it's just you and your friend, you'll be on watches of 2-4 hours on and off, so you're not sleeping for 8 hours anyway. But the little sleep you'll get will be most important.

So there's a little reality check for you.
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

Johnny - I'm gonna chime in here but only because you're getting a lot of info and I can imagine your head is swimming (pun intended) with all the considerations. Me - I'd go for a large catamaran in a heartbeat: stable, plenty of galley space, gobs of storage areas, island beds (in some cases) or you can even sleep in different cabins if doing the "all-nighter" routine (or she's mad at you - lol). Just another consideration . . . . charter one just once and you'll be hooked.
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

we have a 46' center cockpit, two things not yet mentioned:

under sail with the auto pilot on the aft cabin is quite noisy, the sea berths are a much better place to sleep and you are available if help is needed.

what will you have for ventilation? our aft cabin can be stuffy, we will add an additional hatch this year.

fair winds and safe sailing
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

Good suggestion by Dadrock 33 -- yes, take a look at cats. They do offer several advantages. But as he mentioned, charter one first to see if it sails well. So many of them are like powerboats with masts.
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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

Aft cabin:
-Probably easier to get in and out of berth
-Cant hear any anchor dragging etc.
-Difficult to look out and see what's going on. In a forward berth you just pop your head out the hatch.
"I spent most of my money on Booze, Broads and Boats. The rest I wasted" - Elmore Leonard

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Re: Aft Cabin pros cons

Yo! Thank you everyone for the advice that's here and continuing to be posted. I'm reading it all and learning more about what I should be looking for and considering. Very wise about making sure to separate the "dream" and what is reality. I was considering catamaran and looking at the Helias, but I switched back to monohull. Not ruling anything out tho, and also when it comes to the price I'm lucky and the sky is pretty much the limit. I do want to make sure I get it right tho and again appreciate all the input!

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