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Re: A New Twist I Think

Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
Well, I've gotten a number of interested, positive replies - so it seems to be working. And the idea was to get some young blood on the boat. Another elderly couple might not be able to help when the anchor gets stuck or someone has to go to the top of the mast in a seaway.

I'm not unhappy the way it is working out.
-Take care
i'm sure you will find a happy solution,it is too good of an offer not to be taken,it just might take a few tries.

as i'm sure you know ,time at sea does effect people mentally and physically,some for the better some for the worse.

in my experince of over 100k miles with both small and large crews from all backgrounds,people generally want to move on after 6 months.

perhaps with this in mind look at a rotating crew,who at the end get portions of the boat,with the stipulation that to remain members they have to maintain and use it,sort of like a partnership or time share non profit cooperative

my catamaran building project updates
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Re: A New Twist I Think


Sophie and I would be interested based on chemistry.
I used to race dinghies as well as teach, have been cruising since last season in the Mediterranean, now over 5000nM offshore including an ARC+ crossing. Sophie has less experience but is learning and adjusting fast to cruising life.

Let us know if you'd like to chat more!

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Re: A New Twist I Think

Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
I'm an experienced blue water sailor, unfortunately a widower, healthy, and 72 - although I feel, and believe act, much younger. My boat (Scorpius, custom sloop cutter, 41' LOD, and pretty well completely fitted out for blue water cruising) and I are Canadian and located in Desolation Sound just north of Vancouver, BC.

I'd REALLY like to sail the South Pacific perhaps as far as Australia and New Zealand but realize time is running out.

So here's the proposal: Is there a younger (under 60), healthy, adventurous couple out there who would like to sail with me for a maximum of five years after which I will GIVE them my beloved Scorpius and move on to a less strenuous lifestyle. The plan would be to sail down the west coast to Quito, Equador, then out to the Galapagos, then across the Pacific. I would teach you as we go - so no initial experience required.

The arrangements would be documented in a formal, enforceable contract and I expect we'd both post performance bonds to encourage follow through.

I recognize just how important personal "chemistry" in such adventures is and so would propose we spend next summer exploring the beautiful PNW as a trial. If it works out we'll take it from there.

I realize this is pretty unorthodox but perhaps there's a game couple out there somewhere. Take care.
Hereís an idea, why not see the boat, fly to Tahiti, charter a smaller boat and sail a bit there, then fly to Australia and go on an extended cruise on a moderate size cruise ship. Then fly home, Iím 72 and I still race Occasionally in Texas, couldnít physically put up with 3-4 weeks to cross the Pacific. We old fahts donít
bounce back very well at our age.
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Re: A New Twist I Think

I'm assuming you are either in Comox/Courtney or Campbell River. Why not see if you can find friends to crew in those areas and let it be known you are looking for some to crew for extended periods of time. Going by your age of 72, 77 doesn't seem that old, I'm in Qualicum Beach and here 77 is the new 67 ..... lol. It seems to me you are planing your departure from your boat prematurely. Yes something could happen to you tomorrow, as we get older we live with that reality, but also you could be in amazing shape at 80.

What happens at age 77, you feel, look and are in great shape and you've promised you boat to others at this time, will you really want to get rid of it?
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Re: A New Twist I Think

Interesing idea.
5 years seams like a heck of a long time.
Surly it would be easier to find people for shorter stints or sections of your planned adventure.
I think there are quite a few people who take on vollentry crew for voyages.

I am in BC myself, I have my own boat to sail. If you need help locally I could help out, but I wouldn’t want to commit to a long offshore voyage or year long time frame.

Your idea of getting to know people by sailing with them in BC. Before sitting off is probably a good plan. Finding out you are not compatible offshore is probably not fun for anyone.

Anyway good luck with it.
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Re: A New Twist I Think

This could work well but the compatibility of all parties is the biggest unknown. If you can figure that out (or just get incredibly lucky) it would be wonderful. Might even throw my hat in the ring.
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Re: A New Twist I Think


A very interesting proposal indeed. Would you consider a slightly older couple - say 65 and 68? We are ready to retire and return back to the sea. When we first married we lived on our Mariner 32 in Boston Harbor, sailing the harbor in Thursday night races and spent weekends sailing and camping out on the boat. After our second son was born we moved ashore, but continued to sail until work and house restorations forced us to leave the boat in drydock for many years. When my youngest son graduated from College he and his girlfriend wanted to live the adventure that we had. We chose to purchase an S2 11.0M sailboat for him rather than to do major reconstruction work on our old boat. He now has two children and a house in Boston. My wife wants to take the St and go cruising, but I have been looking for a faster, more comfortable catamaran for the past three years. The one of my dream boats slipped through my fingers recently and now am at a loss to start over. My wife was at odds with me spending so much money. Your proposition might fit well for us if you are willing to adventure forth with a healthy couple a bit closer to your age that you requested. We would not be in it for the boat, although that offer would not be rejected. We want to sail for at least five years and hopefully much longer if we are able to. It is a big world out there and five years will not be long enough to cover it all. I look forward to following your adventures even if we are not the chosen couple.

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Re: A New Twist I Think


Great plan. Hope it works out for you.

Would you be able and willing to email me any contact information on any other info regarding the steel Amazon you mentioned in one of your posts?

Thank you
Grant Ziebell
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Re: A New Twist I Think

I love your idea! I hope that God sends the right couple with only good intentions and happy hearts to be alongside you on your journey. In a selfish way - I also hope that Iím still up for the excitement and adventure you have one day when Iím 70 something. ďWe donít stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!Ē Safe travels and please keep us posted!
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Re: A New Twist I Think

Just a suggestion from an expat in Ecuador: you may want to edit your post to Salinas, Guayaquil, or Manta instead of Quito, which is inland. Also, just FYI and for others considering Ecuador; the government considers yachts as being owned only by the wealthy and charges an exorbitant import duty on them if they are kept here longer than the 3 month temporary visa. Much of its income comes from the aduana on imports, especially due to its poor quality oil and current decrease in production as well as its enormous civil service.
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Re: A New Twist I Think

Originally Posted by Scorpius View Post
Sorry, I'm not interested in a single guy nor someone who is more interested in the value of the boat than the adventure.
Well said. Didn't take long did it, what four or five posts into it
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Re: A New Twist I Think

This is most interesting. At 70 I have the same problem.
Finding local crew for a day sail isn't a problem.

My boat with high free board has never been a single hander. Always need one crew to get in and out of a slip if there is any current or wind.
Going up the mast should always be a 2 person job, same with putting the outboard on the well as several other odd tasks.

As a social creature, I love people and their company too.

Then of course there is "Safety in Numbers"

Now I am ready to sell the house and Go Cruising. Puget Sound, Inside Passage to Alaska, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Pacific Islands......

So I will follow this thread with intent and interest.
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Re: A New Twist I Think

I think this is a great idea!

Obviously the devil is in the details, the key one being establishing compatibility before shoving off. I think local cruising at the outset is wise but I would vet your candidates beforehand very carefully, and ask for character references. Not so much out of concern for honesty but rather adaptability, flexibility, emotional intelligence and the other factors that bear on sharing a small space long term.

Iíve had some bad experiences with crew and they did not surface until they were on the boat. Anger management issues etc. the last thing you want is to waste a summer finding out the hard way that you picked the wrong couple.

I wish you luck. I do agree that five years is a long time for this project but maybe youíll find the right couple. Iíll be pulling for you.
"Having a yacht is reason for being more cheerful than most." -Kurt Vonnegut
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Re: A New Twist I Think

Hello Scorpius. We're cozy by the fire in our off-grid straw bale cabin this mid-winter northern Ontario eve browsing CF as we dream of cruising again. Our lovely Alberg 30, which took us on our first 10 month adventure from Lake Ontario to the Bahamas and back, and taught us so much, sits blanketed in snow. We're restocking our kitty with the hope of setting sail again spring 2021, with no preset end point at that time.
Your creative proposal certainly got our heart racing with possibility! The Pacific calls to us - we hope to experience it someday. At the same time, the prospect of doing so while learning from an experienced sailor is especially appealing. We're in our mid-50s, healthy, and up for new experiences. We have much to offer in return, from being able to work on marine diesels while contorted into small spaces through to preparing tasty meals while heeled on passage to willingly taking the 0300h watch to savour the humility of being so small in this vast universe. Of course, we have many questions about your experience, temperament, preferences, questions about the seaworthiness of Scorpion, equipment, questions about the practicalities of sharing responsibilities, costs, decisions, and on and on. And we're sure you have many more questions of us.
If you're interested in learning a little more about us, feel free to check our blog from our maiden voyage: Ariose Notes | We're a "north-of-49" novice cruising couple sharing our musings about life & learning on our classic Alberg 30 sailboat. Welcome aboard!
If you'd like to communicate further, you can message us through the "contact" tab on our site or private message on this Forum.
Whether you do choose to connect or not, we wish you the very best in finding the right match and following your dream.
Shirley & Tim. Sv Ariose
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Re: A New Twist I Think

It looks like our blog didn't link. Here it is again:

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