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Old 29-03-2019, 06:52   #91
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Go... Because YOLO (You Only Live Once).

If the **** hits the fan you're still young enough to bounce back.

Life is lived with the freedom of travelling, not watching TV
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Old 29-03-2019, 06:52   #92
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Originally Posted by Adelie View Post
Don’t touch that boat whatever it is.
No boat is ready to go, that’s marketing.
42’ is too much boat to start. 30-37’ is a good range for a couple’s starter boat. Solo, 27-35’.
Get yourself a Cal34 or a Ranger33 with a tiller. Put a motor bracket on the stern and get a 6 or 9.9hp high thrust outboard for the dinghy that can also push the mothership if need be. Get a drifter but no other lightwind sails. Compass, depthsounder, GPS, chartplotter and some backup GPSs. No wind instruments, no network. Get 2 oversized tiller autopilots. Get extra anchors of a type other than whatever you have for the main anchor. If it doesn’t already have a windlass get a manual windlass.
Buy the boat in The North east or Virginia soon or by mid-summer at the latest.
Mid to late fall start down the ICW then sail into the Bahamas and south. Work your way back ahead of Hurricane season.
So for $15-25k you have a year’s experience on a boat, will have learned to sail somewhat, will have an idea whether the lifestyle suits you and will be able to resell the boat for a lot closer to what you paid for it now that you know what you really want in a boat.

If you are on the west coast let us know.
Best advice ever!

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Old 29-03-2019, 07:07   #93
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

When they’re banging that last nail into your coffin you’ll be glad you WENT! Have an adventure. Live!
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Old 29-03-2019, 07:21   #94
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Re medical, the OP is right: most things medical cost less outside of the U.S., so if you're living outside, even U.S. insurance companies will charge you waaaaay less. Go to a medical insurance broker and see what's in stock this season (it changes every year), but the majors have ex-pat policies that cover you for major medical and give you up to 90 days of in-U.S. services every year for a fraction of what you'd pay for a full-time resident policy. That means you can fly back to the U.S. to see your favorite doctor if you want to. Also, there are global insurers like these guys:

On the other question, I'm a bit older than you and went through a couple of professional iterations toward the end of my career. Bottom line is that unless you're some kind of unicorn, you're getting to the age where discrimination kicks in. You're older and -- worse yet -- you're expensive. Your situation may be different, but SO many of my cohorts in business got aged out of the workforce around 50 yo, that you realistically may not have that many "good years" left from an income perspective. Getting a new life established now could make for a smoother transition to your Act III. Just my two cents.
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Old 29-03-2019, 07:58   #95
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Originally Posted by Magic1st View Post
The time may be right?
Last kicker-- I will have zero healthcare.....
Real life scenario I am running in my head.....
What would you do?
Go... but do a year on others boats... Learn... Get DAN... then ask your questions again.

Go!! But I would change it up: get on Crewbay or just fly to Fiji or ??? and jump on someone else's boat. Just a back pack. Explore the world for a year on others boats. Learn. Get time in south east asia, south pacific, Caribbean, Med or ?? You will then be able to answer your own questions better.

Also: get some insurance for major medical and then add DAN. (Divers Alert Network, check them out for travelers insurance)

Once you start on your own boat plan on 5-20% boat cost for yearly expenses to keep boat in reasonable shape. Get good tools and learn how to do your own work.

I have met people who bought a 20k boat, got a week sailing course and left the dock. Some 20,000 miles later they still think it was the best choice in their life. Most important thing is to just GO. but I might hold off on buying the boat and put the emphasis on getting on others who can share their experience.
Rand and Ellens/v Golden Glow
Anteres 44i a Glorious Good Day starts w a sunrise over a new bay...
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Old 29-03-2019, 08:49   #96
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Go while you can . As I sit here pushing 60 and can finally afford to leave. (We are actively looking to move up and go.) I got a pinched nerve in my back last week which is killing me. I can't even get to the boat show in WPB this weekend. So go. A nice 36Ft cat for $100K to $135K and you have the cushion you need. Hopefully we'll see you out there soon.
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Old 29-03-2019, 09:22   #97
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

For what its worth If I were in your shoes, I would buy the Cat you are looking at and move to a desirable coastal area where you could find a new job that is more desirable and you don't hate. Live on it and spend a year or two getting to know the boat and get it in the shape it needs to be in. I promise you will need/want to do a lot and $20K won't go far.

You can learn the boat, gain confidence in sailing, and even at a modest salary you would be in far better position in a year or two. This is not a black/white go/no go problem. This is a HUGE decision so don't be hasty.

Best of Luck!
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Old 29-03-2019, 09:28   #98
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Originally Posted by gmakhs View Post
Go .
Worst case scenario you are taking a break .
Best case you cruise for the rest of your life , you have enough funds for the trip and you still young and capable so I don't see why not go now .
Hell yeah ... JUST GO ALREADY!!!
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Old 29-03-2019, 09:33   #99
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Originally Posted by captlloyd View Post
Would love to have your situation. A 38 ft. Lagoon cat would be perfect for you, a good used for around $140,000. Oh yeah.
I 100% agree you would truly enjoy the Lagoon 38. As someone who was in your position a lifetime ago the only suggestion that I can offer is to go for it. Jump in and see what you like and do not like.

Living this lifestyle in not for everyone, the first thing you will need to get used to is living with yourself because most of the time you will be alone.

Please remember that life is short and if this is your dream then follow it until something changes. Be that in a few months or many years down the line. As for me, yes there are sometimes regrets but those thoughts pass with each beautiful sunrise/sunset (and a bottle of good Rum).

Please note that it will take you some time to get used to the lifestyle, breaking the old habits are difficult so be sure to give yourself some time.

Beyond that GO! and GO NOW!
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Old 29-03-2019, 10:24   #100
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Just two more cents: Our first boat was an older 42" beamy ketch that was extremely comfortable to live on either on passage or at anchor or in a slip. It was older and we could afford it. What we didn't really understand (and it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway) is that the purchase price of an older boat is probably only about half of what you will spend to fix and update gear and problems.

We paid $100K almost 20 years ago. We learned as we went (docking was the scariest and hardest part) but did little baby-steps to learn how to use the boat, test out it's systems, and prepare for longer and longer trips. It worked out really well, for us.

Part of the reason we got away with out sinking the boat, damaging others, or killing ourselves is that we had a very forgivable boat that just the two of us could handle. There are lots of 42' boats that would benefit from 3 crew members, especially neophytes. I also have personally known several couples who could not handle very good 37' boats with reputations as world cruisers and relatively easy to handle.

I would not recommend my Goldenwave 42 cutter-rig to a new-to-sailing couple. It is a bit more of a challenge as it is much more powerful with bigger sails and a taller stick.

If you intend to putter about Puget Sound or Chesapeake Bay or other "inland" waters (if you are reasonable and pay attention to weather you should not be out in), you can get by with a bigger range of boat sizes and types.

If I were you, which I am not, I would decide to "go" but go with a plan to learn the boat, build your skills, upgrade systems and gear as needed, and build your self-confidence as a team. For only $200K you will not be getting a bigger boat with all the bells and whistles that you might assume every boat would have, or that you would find you want. But it is very doable. I have been recommending Beth Leonard's book:
The Voyager's Handbook: The Essential Guide to Blue Water Cruising

I think you will find it covers many of your questions by a more-than-experienced and reputable cruiser. She goes in to detail on selecting boats for three different budget levels and what to consider for each with trade-offs, etc.

But - go! But do it in a way that both of you will still be happily married after the first year and later.
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Your $3200 /mo is equal to about 1 million as an inflation adjusted annuity. Keep it. Leverage the boat. INterest rates are low. Use the cash to live on, invest in index funds and pay the monthly on the boat. Have fun. If you live outside US, medical insurance can be cheap, but will exclude US except for occasional visits. Hopefully you have ten years of social security payments at the max rate so you can get that back later.
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Old 29-03-2019, 14:49   #102
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Originally Posted by Magic1st View Post
I think this may be my first post starting a new thread. I'll try and keep it short.

Life changing events occurred. After 20 years, i was let go/laid with my current company. I have been looking and dreaming of getting away and sailing off for a very very long time. At this point, I really don't have to work, other than to maintain my lifestyle (I travel for fun every couple of months and party like a rock start.. ).

The time may be right?

I'm early 40's, found the dream boat that i want. And, I can pay cash (at a premium due to cashing in some funds early). I own houses and apartments on the side, which I will keep. I have no debt other than one loan for apartment complex.

The numbers rounded for ease:

Age: early 40's
It will just be me (but will have crew occasionally).
Starting in the Caribbean where the sale will occur.
Cost of boat- 200k (loaded and ready to go and i will cash in some equities at a premium)
Boat 42ft
My monthly income 4k
Monthly debt (child support) ~ 800.

My issue is I will have little left for my personal oh shiz fund. Maybe 20k depending upon how it shakes out for closing/ transaction costs.
I will leave myself little for retirement other than houses/apartments that I will be taking a monthly income from. And about an additional 120k in IRAs.

Last kicker-- I will have zero healthcare.....

Real life scenario I am running in my head.....

What would you do?
A friend in Hernando Beach, Florida, just completed upgrades to he and his wife's Tayana 37. I'm sure you can get it for less than $150K.
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Old 29-03-2019, 16:49   #103
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

You only get one life. Live it well.
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

If you have to ask a bunch of strangers on a cruising chat site you should just start sending out resumes and continue the grind. When I cut the docklines over 10 years ago nobody had a clue and I surely didn't ask opinions of my future.
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Re: What would you do? Go or No-Go?

Forever does not alway last too long. I have "retired" 5 times. I go out for a year to 18 months and get bored. I have always been able to go back to work for a year or two. Then "wash, rinse and repeat." It has been great and keeps the finances going. One thing about the boat. You absolutely must be able to spend 10% of the purchase price of the boat every year (averaged out) on maintenance. So your $200,000 will cost you another $200,000 over 10 years.If you don't believe me just walk the docks any see the boats that have been denied their tithe. Good luck and fair winds!!

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