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Old 23-12-2010, 07:15   #106
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Originally Posted by ConradG View Post
All law enforcement personell who I know don't "indict" but welcome law abiding citizens being armed.
I'm not sure about the "law enforcement personnel" that you know, but you might want to review the results of this survey of police chiefs:

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Pirates are not exclusive to Somalia! In 30 years on the water I have witnessed 2 attempts: the first in the Bahamas when a goober tried to steal my dinghy; he was 10 yards away towards shore when I racked the shottie, and suggested he bring it back (he did)... the second was a Go-Fast with little freeboard coming at my tug midway between the Yucatan and Tampa Bay... Came out of the wheelhouse with the shottie in my hands, he turned away.

Sure he may have been low in the water because he was sinking, BUT I ask you; If you were sinking, and approached the only vessel within 64 miles, would you not put up your hands and ask for help?

Any fool with a big enough checkbook can BUY a boat; it takes a SPECIAL type of fool to build his own! -Capngeo
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Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
I'm not sure about the "law enforcement personnel" that you know, but you might want to review the results of this survey of police chiefs:
I agree with the findings-do what works and is needed to keep hanguns out of the hands of criminals! My friends (although none police chiefs, just detectives, patrolmen, cia, military and two who are private contractors to the government but un defined and also probably nonexistant as far as that is concernned) in law enforcement would agree also. But they, and I, still welcome non criminal lawful people like themselves involved in the effort. Many years ago when I called the state troopers in Ma, a state with "1 year manditory jail sentance" for illegal fire arms and stiff protocall for residents obtaining handguns the officer in charge told me not to worry about having my hangun in his state. If I was legal where I came from and was taking it to some final destination where it was legal there is nothing wrong with having it due to federal law. In essence, the law only applies to the residents of the state. He saw the law as promoting the likelyhood of criminals being the only ones with guns and therefore counteractive but it made some people feel like somehow it would make guns less available to criminals. Every time I had a full DOT check (several weeks a year they do their quota thing) involving search, the officer would remove the clip and place both back in the seat back, "gun law" state or not. They wouldn't travel without theirs. They don't expect you not to.

But other countries are different and to have to check a weapon in some means it won't do you any good while you're there and having to go back to the port of entry isn't always convenient or practicle. I have read of them being "lost" while in confinement. The laws from place to place vary and I have even read (here on CF I believe) of someone ending up in prison in Mexico even though his gun was declared. To carry aboard doesn't seem too feasable considering the headaches. If it were easier more would and I see that as something that would limmit criminals using guns. I am grateful for those law abiding citizens that do. Just as I am grateful for law abiding law enforcement that do.
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So everyone else carries knitting needles or hairpins? The gun's a tool. Like the cable cutters you didn't buy but really wish you had when you need them to cut rigging free when the mast comes down. and of course if you don't know how to use the cutters, no sense in having them aboard.
I'm thinking it's mostly American males answering this survey, based on the results so far. We're a bunch of paranoid, gun toting nuts! (and we love it!!)
Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
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Originally Posted by Bruce Johnson View Post
Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
Magnus gun, vegrandis penis
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Perhaps so, but at this point there are still about 1/3 more people who do not (and do not intend to) carry firearms on board.

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Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
I'm not sure about the "law enforcement personnel" that you know, but you might want to review the results of this survey of police chiefs:

Police chiefs? The same ones that run for their office and bend with the political tide? I think the man on the beat is a far more reliable source.
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If you are not trained in using arms/ammunition under combat-like tough scenarios, i suggest do not point back a gun to the raiders. in all likelyhood you will be shot at.

SURPRISE is the biggest element.

a) if some armed people board your vessel at an anchorage with the intention to rob. He would have already done his homework/reccee, found all information about the occupants of the boats/ and their resistance capabilities. they will attack you in a group of at least 2-3. remember they'd a head start in terms of adrenaline. they will be fast. Unless you are in the peak of your physical fitness that right after being rudely woken up from an R.E.M. phase of sleep, you will leap out of your bunk, take the first one down with your kick and handle the rest of the two with your gun, go ahead. (btw it happens in movies after 6 re-takes)
if you are outnumbered in terms of guns, it takes a lot of skill and years of experience to force someone to backtrack.
Criminals will know from your body language and bearing what damage they are likely to take from this target.

b) if some armed people board your vessel at anchorage under the guise of robbing with the intention to kill you then it's a different story.

c) Pirates. bad luck they chose you.
pistols are no good compared to assault rifles. in case of cross fire, you will take hits, die quickly of multiple bullet entries.
For pirates, best is to have a 7.62mm like rifle. you should be able to hit them first from long range. they should not get close to you. remember they want easy 'clients' and don't have enough resources or will or grudge to get you any how. BUT the flip is, can you sail all over the world with a pistol, leave aside a rifle? East of suez, the gun laws are pretty tough.
Also, it is my strong feeling, yachties are targetted because of some prior information being leaked to the pirates. like the owner's background, country/city of residence, make of yacht, how well-off they are. What are their fixed-assets and how quickly can they be disposed off.
I wont be surprised if there are professionals providing background info on rich yachties for a small fee.

Life is a bitch and so is cruising now.
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Originally Posted by goboatingnow View Post
How do you determine who's looting and who want to swap a crap for a ciggie they don't wear name badges announcing " looter"

You've got to be kidding me. A guy with a handfull of crabs, is probably not there to rob you, a man with a machete in hand, is probably not there to trade crabs. Neither one should be climbing aboard in the middle of the night unannounced.
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Sometimes 'motives' are well concealed.
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Didn't vote. It is always best to keep folks guessing when it comes to matters of security.
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On a more random note; I'm doing security for this group from India and we get through NYC just fine. It's when we get to D.C. that the ship hits the fan. It was a horrible hot, humid day and the Indians with kids got in line at an ice cream cart. I was hanging back checking things out and I see one kid who takes one bite out of his ice cream and drops it on the ground. He asks dad for another and dad says no. The kid gets really upset and starts crying and dad's turning into a real jerk and all the men gather round. I push into the crowd (the tallest was only about five foot), I smile and nod at the dad, grab the kid by the hand, and say, "Come on Hadji."
I take Hadji to the front of the line and the guy ask's, "What are you doing?" I says the kid dropped his ice cream and dad won't flip for another. "Can you help him out?" The guy gives Hadji another and off Hadji runs. I ask the man, "How much?"
He says, "You're a good man, don't worry about it." I says back to him, "You're a good man and slide a twenty into his hand and walk away. The vendor was happy, the kid was happy, the father was happy, and they all loved me.
Moral of the story? It's always more fun to eat ice cream than kill somebody. Plus, when I say "On a random note", that's usually what it is.
Merry Christmas!
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Originally Posted by kenny chaos View Post
Plus, when I say "On a random note", that's usually what it is.
Plus, you have a lot more extra cash to burn too.
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I've been flapping around the oceans now since 1975, with the odd break when the money ran out. My totally unscientific assessment would be that the only boats I have met that do carry firearms are from the US or are superyachts.
Anybody else experienced the same, or different???

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aussie icon
see alan lucas,cruising the coral coast earlier editions,my brother and i inherited a few rifels off "the alegrias" when he sold it in durban in 89'

my catamaran building project updates
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