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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

Nothing I would like to see more than a Hobie 16 hanging off a 45' Cat... Something poetic about it.


- If animals weren't meant to be eaten then they wouldn't be made of food.
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

If you were a licensed captain, you have a ton of experience (more than most buying that size boat).
The only thing you need to add is sailing experience but no problem doing it on your boat start slow and build up as you get more comfortable. Maybe hire a sailing instructor for a couple days to cover the sailing parts.

With a crew of 3, that's an easy boat to handle.

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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

You will be fine. Quite a few start out on 45' cats and have no problems. There's little difference in handling a 45' to a 38' cat and you will be pleased with the storage and payload for long term cruising, bigger dinghy, space for dive compressor etc. a few friends of ours started out with similar powerboat backgrounds and bought lagoon 45's and haven't sunk yet
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

Like looking into a mirror
I am going on 69 , ( good health )
Owing power boats. ( still own a 1984 walk around fishing )

Been around sail , spending few weeks aboard a 30 ft Tartan & well over a 40 ft Hunter . Number of day trips and a day class.
If I went out myself would not trust my abilities with sail just power, but that comes with time
I was leaning towards sail boat but knowing I had a lot too learn before I purchased .
Coming across while traveling a beautiful 31 ft Regal Commodore Cruiser .
2004 year , low hours, pristine condition , luxury below , twin gas . I.O.

Regal came with trailer but a 31 ft boat not fun too trailer, add in my age, decided too leave at in/out marina Cape Canaveral .
Since we are retired we sleep aboard few nights a week. When we go home marina pulls and puts boat on rack outside .
Being around ocean life & marinas I am getting the bug too semi live aboard , spend my golden years ocean side , cruising coastline.
We made a few 80 mile trips and I am getting 1.7 miles per gallon
I am too cheap .
We want an adventure and a boat like I have you cant do long trips .
Unless you want too spend it gas dock too gas dock
Boat beautiful outside on inside many design flaws, and designed for weekends away
Like you my meter is ticking and hope I have many more years but cant start small . We want too travel , enjoy life, spend weeks aboard .
I want too purchase smart, what would you recommend in manufacturer ?
Another concern I did not mention is wife's health , she can not assist
Single handle sail most times.
There is a beautiful Hunter 38 at my marina . I hear pros & cons about a mass produced boat but it need a total package within budget.
I have too sell mine & roll funds

People have dreams sailing world , my dream is just sail locally weeks at a time, enjoy life

Just wanted too share and some thoughts on what boat too look for

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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

Getting a Hobie for the boy is a great idea. After flipping it a few dozen times he will have a lot of appreciation for wind and waves, and will be much more aware of things on the big boat. If he is anything like my boy was at 10, it wont be long before he is the expert (in his opinion) and will be teaching Mom and Pop how to sail. I would say to get one of the smaller Hobies so that it is easier for him to right it. I think you will give your whole family a wonderful experience. Go For It. ____Grant.
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

Look at a L43 or aL47. Basically the same as the L45 but with a hard Bimini top. And just go for it. Our fist real blue water trip was a 8 day from ft lauderdale to St Thomas on a L40. It can be done.
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

Nah, stick with a house in suburbia, a 72-inch tv, a three-car garage full of junk, an 8-foot long barbecue on the deck, and a plastic-roll-away basketball hoop in the driveway.
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Life is good!
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

Another followup thanks to all who have posted since my last "Thank You"! Input from experienced sailors is greatly appreciated.
SV Bacchus - spreading libations world wide, via sailboat, to help the "up tight" relax and enjoy life!
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

If you are a bit uncomfortable ask the couple you are dealing with if you can take her out with them on board for a day trip or even just a four hour deal. You can gain the added confidence and having the previous owners on board help out with the questions you will undoubtedly have that don't come up until you are sailing a new boat. Or take a quick course with a sailboat captain post purchase for a weekend on your boat so you can pick the brain of someone who has sail experience and they may pick your brain about motor experience and towing experience and the trip becomes enjoyable and informative to all aboard. A lot of six pack captains looking to get out on the water for a cheap sum when you think about the sharing of ideas and techniques.

Either way you decide to g will be good for you since you have to do it. You have the experience and know what works for you. You won't be that guy who buys the boat and thinks he has it all down and plows into the neighbors in an anchorage since prior to purchase your already asking for assistance.

Good Luck and Hope you and your family have all the fun a sailboat does bring.
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

I think, if you do take it slow at the start, it does not sound too big.

Find a place where you can go on the water just for half a day at a time and start in fair weather. Step lightly and build up skills and confidence. Always stay on the safe side at the beginning. Do NOT take any risks. Make sure you know what risks there are.

Organize your life around the new challenge. Just for a year. Lay off the other duties. Focus and persevere. Adjust. Refocus, keep on moving.

Use a tutor at times, should you find you are not clear about how and why some things are done the way they are done.


I have sailed a 50' cat and did not find it any more challenging than sailing our own 26' mono.

DO consider the size of everything - make sure you CAN handle the equipment in a heavy blow - forces grow exponentially as the wind and sea build, and we are not getting any younger each passing year. Allow for that.

Make sure you have a furling staysail and that your main can be deep reefed. Sailing over-canvassed boats a sure way to get wrong feeling about how rough it actually is. If in doubt over-reef then shake a reef if you feel you are underpowered. NOT the other way round.

Good news cats have two diesel engines, this, as well as their stability, helps heaps, should you at any point find yourself in any minor trouble.

This or that ;-) go for it!

Good luck, fair winds,
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

Originally Posted by SausalitoDave View Post
Go for it, what is the worst that can happen.

Oh, I wished you hadn't said that
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

We went from a 27' to a 36' to a 44' to the present 63'. I'm just as aware now that we've taken a great leap in size as in all my previous jumps. Go slow, ask lots of questions, stay humble, listen to others, read about it and then practice, practice, practice. Oh and it helps a bunch if you're mechanically inclined. Know your own systems, how they operate and how to repair them. Your lives really depend on it. Paying a mechanic to fix things is no good when you're 15 miles off shore ( or 150 miles) and the raw water pump takes a piss.

Oh, and have fun - that's the whole point.

Sounds like you've both thought it out and if you're as crazy as the rest of us you will never regret it. We've been fixing this boat for 2 years and I literally am in a rash to get off the dock and go sailing. Although I'm antsy to go, I know I'm paying my dues and when we go I'll know most of the stuff on my boat and will enjoy the experience that much more.

Good luck!
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

First, I'm going to put on my Nomex underwear.

Next, I'm going to say right up front that no, I'm not being arrogant, I'm hoping to be helpful.

As a lifelong sailor/cruiser, it is readily apparent when somebody is new to boating. It can be particularly frightening (even dangerous) when they are new and have a large boat. From the way they dock to the type of line ("rope" or even clothesline) they use, to the sail shape, to the repeated anchoring (or "kerplop!" as it's thrown) or the fact that they park right smack dab in the middle of the long pier.

Now, I'm not nocking anyone. I'm just saying that I can spot a new boater with a fair amount of ease. And they're the ones that need help when something goes wrong (as one would expect, yes?).

So if OP is rather new to larger boat ownership, go ahead! Just play it real conservative for a while. Look at how other people do things (not just sailing- docklines, quiet rigging, watch the weather, learn to use the VHF properly, etc.)

The worst thing you can do is be arrogant. For some that's hard- particularly it seems SOME (I used the word "some" as in "not all" or "maybe even just a few") who suddenly dive into 35'+ boats are the know-it-all types- retired CEOs, lawyers, cops. SOME have attitude, and there's not much worse than a know-it-all who is in the wrong. So be polite, keep in mind that the guy with the worn 30' boat might just know what he's talking about.

On another note, make sure you have a method to get somebody back on board quickly (don't count on USCG); keep your life jackets real handy, and make sure everyone knows the rules (e.g., nobody on deck after dark). Make sure your lovely bride and child know the basics of steering and starting and using the motor and how to use the VHF radio and GPS.

One last thing: most anyone can handle it when one thing goes wrong. The experienced can handle two. When three things go wrong at the same time is when people fall apart. Keep calm figure out which is the most urgent issue, and work on that.

Enjoy your new boat, lifestyle and family!
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

If the budget allows, consider hiring a captain for a couple of weeks to ride along and help you to build confidence with this boat. Could be money well spent.
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Re: Too Much Boat Too Soon?

SV Bacchus I feel very well understood by you. I have 64 years old and a boy aged 11 and a woman 15 years younger. We are looking for a sailboat easy to sail (electric winches, bow thruster, AC...) 45 to 55 feet to navigate the Caribbean, then cross the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. (It can be reversed) Are we something crazy? but I still feel young and eager to do things. (I have experience sailing)

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