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Old 16-10-2019, 16:25   #16
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Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Petersburg, AK
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Re: Tired of it?

All of the above, plus one more. You'll find a lot of well-found boats for sail in the western Pacific because the Indian Ocean is big. Long passages, not a lot of places to stop. Loads of sailors from Europe cross the Atlantic and the Pacific with the plan to sell the boat in NZ/Australia/New Caledonia because they don't want tackle the Indian. Same for Americans who don't have to cross the Atlantic first. We met quite a few sailors in Panama whose plan was to cross the Pacific but sell the boat there rather then returning or continuing west.

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Old 16-10-2019, 16:27   #17
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Location: Melbourne Australia
Boat: Paper Tiger 14 foot, Gemini 105MC 34 foot Catamaran Hull no 825
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Re: Tired of it?

Sitting on a beach looking at the yachts parked on swing moorings looks absolutely magnificent,
Even the ones in Marina's look beautiful,
Watching boats sail across the harbour on a foul day looks Magic,
Oh How I would love to be on a yacht, Like those ones there,
Its so peacefull and calm,
Even on a foul weather day, High winds and torrential rain,
These boats are just sitting there with out a worry in the world,
Thats where the dream starts,
Most boats are sitting in paradise, Enclosed waters, lovely beach beside them,
95 % of the population love it, Lap it up, The heart starts pumping,
How about we save up and buy a boat,
Mono or MultiCondo, Sitting at the pier doesnt faze them,
Even the worst salesman cant put them off this imaginery Ideal they have of sailing,
Blue skies, Tropical Paradises, Calm flat water, What could go wrong,
Youtube video's are mostly sailing in great conditions,
Huge Waves dont show up as big on video's,

So they buy their dream, Get it all set up, Cast off for points unknown,

50 miles off shore the reality bites hard, Big waves scares the living crap out of most people,
20 footers, They are absolutely terrified,
This is not what we imagined, Far from it,
Seasick for a week, How many get rescued just for being totally seasick and nothing wrong with the boat,
Or the boat gets damaged, Sails wrecked because they are unable to sail it due to being seasick,
Boat later gets wrecked on a beach because no one is on it,
Or they make their destination,
Thats it, Im not getting back on that boat, No matter what,
Sailing is not for us,
The boat has a for sale sign on it,
Ready for the next gullible person with an imaginary ideal of what sailing is all about,

Open Ocean is nothing like the Mill pond that most sail boats are sitting in,

Or a trip on your friends boat that never goes out in bad weather,
Or the trip around the Harbour on a big sail boat,
Or a trip on an ocean liner doing the island tours,

Sailing a Mono Your going to get wet, Thats not fun,
Sailing a Multi, You dont get wet, But,

But sailing on either,
Those very big waves kills the desire to sail on any boat for the vast majority of Wannabee sailors,

Most people Baulk at the idea of flying to another country to buy a boat,

My 2 cents worth,

Cheers, Brian,

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Old 16-10-2019, 16:30   #18
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Location: Currently St. Petersburg Florida
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Re: Tired of it?

Something I have seen happen as well is people get burned out.
They buy a boat (often bigger than they need or can afford) work themselves to the bone trying to fix it up to go somewhere or another- working full time and then every spare minute on the boat. Leave late in the season or miss it. Rush Rush Rush to get "there", and finally give up. They get tired of feeling being stressed about money and constantly fixing up their boat- sometimes because they think they need every convenience, sometimes because- its a lot of work.

Although, this could easily fall under the previously stated unrealistic expectations category.
To really live you must realize your limits do not exist.
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Old 16-10-2019, 16:32   #19
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: aboard, cruising in Australia
Boat: Sayer 46' Solent rig sloop
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Re: Tired of it?

If we're to the suggestions phase of this discussion, I'd suggest what Jim thought was a necessary step towards finally going cruising: the ocean passage. In our case, it was in his 30 footer, roundtrip SF to HI and return, and it took, in all, 6-3/4 weeksk. I had to take time off without pay to get the time. The purpose was to see if we liked ocean passages. Turns out, both of us did. But if one of us hadn't, it would have been a game changer, and we could have returned to coastal cruising, and needed no upgraded boat for long passages.

Who scorns the calm has forgotten the storm.

Jim and I are on land travel in the US, due to an illness in the family.
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Old 16-10-2019, 16:39   #20
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Re: Tired of it?

I see it happening a fair bit. Sometimes as quick as a couple of months from purchasing the yacht.(Two weeks is my customer record!) Being the skipper and all the responsibility that goes with it is way different from being crew.
Sometimes I think the owner is not tired of it but it's just the dream prepping the yacht a bit of sailing then maybe one day we will head offshore when the yacht is "Perfect" The other story I have heard and keep hearing is I am ready but the "Wife" is not willing/happy/sick so we cannot go and I have to sell the yacht. Its a pretty lame excuse and I have a hard time not rolling my eyes when I hear it.
Another reason is what do you do with all that down time? I know there is lots to do on a yacht but like for us here at home we have kids/school/work/after school sports/friends life is just waaaay to busy. Then to suddenly stop like we do at school holidays and live aboard we suddenly have all this extra time on our hands.
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Old 16-10-2019, 16:50   #21
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Location: North Carolina
Boat: 1984 Pearson 34, Sirena
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Re: Tired of it?

My wife and I ran a trip for local sailors to Beaufort, NC and then out to Cape Lookout every year for a long time. Every couple of years a new couple would join the trip with the new to them boat and sell it disappointed after the trip. It was too much for them. Docking in current, going through an inlet, anchoring, ocean waves, dragging anchor, getting to the beach in the dinghy. I've tried to explain how much of a challenge cruising is, how much work it is and not been able to. It requires a lot of hands on skills or a lot of money or both. It requires a combination of mental toughness and knowing when to be optimistic and when to be pessimistic. It requires a good grasp of reality because the sea doesn't care about my little plans. And most important cruising requires learning all the time from hands on experience. YouTube won't take you very far. Dale
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Old 16-10-2019, 17:06   #22
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Re: Tired of it?

Coincidentally, I just saw this ad on Craigslist today.

Two years preparation - set off on the big voyage - and called it quits at the first available port.

(The two years was at the next dock over from me, but IDK anything about it.)
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Old 16-10-2019, 17:50   #23
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Re: Tired of it?

I have quite a bit of blue water under my belt now...don't really think its much fun but the destinations make it worthwhile.
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Old 16-10-2019, 19:39   #24
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Re: Tired of it?

Originally Posted by Eder View Post
I have quite a bit of blue water under my belt now...don't really think its much fun but the destinations make it worthwhile.
For many, the passages are not the attraction. My wife doesnít do passages. We had terrible weather once and since then, no passages. I take the boat to and from the destination, the wife flies there and back. I donít think Iíve done a single long voyage where at some point I donít say to myself ďThis is it, last time, why do I keep doing this?Ē. I donít particularly like passages especially when the weather goes feral.

But then, 5 months in paradise makes the next trip worth it.

Itís a shame that those who abandon the dream donít just stick it out a while longer and experience the up-side. There would be a lot less boats suddenly up for sale.
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Old 21-10-2019, 00:15   #25
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Re: Tired of it?

Before youall get carried away totally, here our little “story“:
purchased our “Imagine“ July 2018, sailed her to french polynesia, had the broker aboard 3 weeks ago, she's listed on his page already, we'll be going “back home“ in April 2020-
After 3 circumnavigations in the 80ies & 90ies we were landbased for 19 years & once more wanted to sail to the Pacific, to french polynesia, where our son was born in 90, the islands that we always liked best, land & people, once more longer passages like we had always enjoyed so much, once more see the isl ands peel out of the haze (even though Gps has removed much of the magic)-all before we get too old (& decrepit).
We have done it, enjoyed ourselves, our son had joined us from the Canaries to Panama (he had been 6 - 9 on our 3rd rtw) -a totally new, fantastic experience for us- & now it is time to quit, w hile we are still “ ahead“. Before we have to stop. Better to be sad because we could still continue (healthy & vigourous, if I s ay so myself...), than to be hanging on until being chased off the boat by decrepitude & failing health.
Back in landlocked Austria will be hard, but harder still would be having our memories tainted by having had to give up cruising because it got just too difficult because of age

...not all who wander are lost!
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