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Originally Posted by markpj23 View Post
Spent the night anchored just north of Boca Grande Pass FL on Thursday. Next morning we had the forecasted east winds at 15 - 20 kts. We sailed with the 1st reef in and were humming along on a southerly course towards the inlet - at 7.5 kts. There was another cat about 2 miles ahead of us as we made our turn to the west and entered the channel.

I've read lots of books on catamarans that say you can't go wing & wing. Guess they never sailed aboard a Manta because we did exactly that and loved it!. Wind was nearly dead astern. Once the camber spar jib found its place we just went.... man I love this rig and it's "point and shoot" simplicity! We closed the gap between us and the other cat to 800 yards by the time we cleared the channel and made our turn north. They had a blanketed / luffed jib the whole way downwind.

Saturday was more of the same with 20kts steady on a beam reach. The GPS hit 8.9 kts and it was a blast. Too bad the winds died late morning as we were clicking off the miles. I've got to look at weight distribution and see if we can't get some steady 9s going here....

Have I mentioned that I really like this sailing flat stuff?
Way to go Mark!!!!!!!!

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Back to the game

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We sailed around San Juan, Puerto Rico in preparation to our passage to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. It was a great day


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Memorial Day Monday -- which I had off because the US company I do most of my work for was closed for the day.

Decided to sail from Toronto to Wilson NY and back.

Set off at 0830 with an east wind at about 8 knots, clear sky, visibility pretty much unlimited, and a barometer reading of 30.1. Nice morning. Was cruising along about 5 knots.

About five miles out the wind clocked south so it was pretty much on the nose. Changed my mind and decided to go to Niagara on the Lake. Wind kept clocking. Decided to go to Port Weller, which is just far enough west of NOTL that the wind served.

Wind steadied and built a bit and then veered back east a little, so I was on a beam reach. The white horses started to appear a few miles off of Port Weller, and the wind got up to about 15 or 16 knots. Took a reef in the genny, but I was still doing about about 6 knots. Great sailing -- 15 to 20 degree heel and Otto the Iron Sailor doing the heavy lifting. I have a cellphone snap of the GPS showing SOG of 6.7.

Planned to drop into Port Weller for coffee and a sandwich before sailing back but -- notice to mariners -- the coffee shop at the marina is closed. "The guy said he's not coming back this season," they told me.

Got to PW about 1530, so a 7-hour crossing, which isn't bad considering my initial course was about 40 degrees off the rhumb line to PW. Total distance, BTW, from my club to PW is 27 nautical miles.

The trip back was glorious. I left the marina about 1545. Motored out into their bay and raised the main with a reef in it. Rolled the jenny about two-thirds of the way out and turned north. Course 001 magnetic, close-hauled on the starboard tack with the wind now about 16 knots.

Speeds for the first 8 or 10 miles were about 6 knots, until the wind slackened a bit. I shook out the reefs and got back to the high fives and occassionally 6.1.

A wonderful ride. Close-hauled all the way. Tacked once to give me a slightly better wind angle, but aside from that I barely touched the sheets.

Got home at 2110, about five and half hours for the trip, which ain't bad at all. Just knackered, and I can't imagine doing it without Otto. But a great day.

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I had a great sail the other day. I am organizing a class reunion for my 8th grade class. In the process I found out that a friend from gramar school, boy scouts and high school who I haven't seen or heard from in over 10 years was stationed at Coronado Naval Air Station. I called him and told him I was staying on my boat at Coronado Cays about ten minutes away from him. He invited me over for dinner. I called him back and said, "How about we go out for a sail instead?" I tlaked to his wife, sorted thru the problem of life jackets for the kids and finally we had this conversation.
"Do you want to come over for dinner or go sailing? Which one is easier for you?" my friend asked.
"Two different questions. It is easier to come over for dinner but I love sailing."
"My kids are 5 and 8 years old."
"No problem. I really like kids."
It was settled. We go sailing.
As usual with kids everything ran late. I had the boat ready and the engine warming up. I went to dump the garbage and decided to wait in the parking lot for them to show b/c it is a key in Marina. Well after a few minutes they show up. Two kids and Mom and Dad. Didn't really know what we looked like anymore. Anyway here we go. Got on the boat and his wife is the boat handler. She used to have a 24 foot sloop. I explained to her what was going on with docklines. She understood and off we went.

Before we got the sails up we ran into a Wed night race. We had mark time before going into the channel. When we finally shut the engine down man it was peacful. We reached along in between two fleets of race boats slowing down so as not to overtake the stragglers. My frriend told me all about the different ships that were in the south Bay. Troop transports Helicopter capacity, jump jets and 2000 marines tanks, and other weapons. Enough to take over a small country. My friend is a naval academy grad and flew helos. We saw a helo practicing SAR techniques and he explained to me everything that was going on and then some. We threw in a couple of tacks for good measure. Completely unnecessary. and then had a nice fetch back to the slip. My buddie and his 5 year old sailed straight down the channel. It did my soul good to listen to him explain the channel markersand make minor corrections to the helm that his son held. I got the boat all ready to dock. I sat the kids down and explained to them how nervous I got when docking and that I would need their cooperation by being quite. They were. All sails dropped and a very light breeze on the beam and I motored the boat right into the slip. I am trying a new technique where I tie a docking line on my mid ships cleat and then lead it outside the lifelines and back into the main winch. When the line handler steps off the boat they drop the line over the stern most cleat and then I take up slack on the winch. the boat comes to a complete halt and pushes right up against the bumpers and the dock. Entered the slip. She got off boat stopped perfect. I stuck the boat in neutral and went to toss the bowline. the boat was drifting backward. bowline secured. well with no more forward motion the midship line slipped off the cleat . Wsn't a big deal I had a stern line rigged and ready. My buddy threw it to me and we secured the boat well. The boys were in charge of the flemmish coils. Lesson learned don't put the boat in neutral with this techniqueidle in forward.

An excellent dinner and a bottle of wine and it was almost nine oclock time for the kids to be in bed. On the way up the companion way the youngest said. "This is the best boating trip ever." Break my heart.
Fair Winds,


Between us there was, as I have already said somewhere, the bond of the sea. Besides holding our hearts together through long periods of separation, it had the effect of making us tolerant of each other's yarns -- and even convictions. Heart of Darkness
Joseph Conrad
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On the way up the companion way the youngest said. "This is the best boating trip ever." Break my heart.[/quote]

I got a "sniff" from that one.

Good on ya!
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Out Saturday (Oct. 11) for what could be the last sail of the summer. Gonna try again Monday, but the weather is iffy.

Yesterday, though, was great. Brilliant sun and lots of little puffy white clouds. Winds started at about 16 knots southwesterly, with flat water. Air temp about 13C, but I was bundled up in my foulies, and was toasty.

Left our cut about 12:10, got the sails up almost immediately, and was heading about 150 at five knots, with Otto the Iron Sailor doing the steering while I adjusted sails and loafed about looking at the scenery.

Tacked after an hour to 270 and told Otto to take a break as I steered along the south edge of Toronto Island. Maybe a dozen boats in view ... far cry from a summer Saturday.

Looked into Humber Bay and tacked around the Dufferin buoy to 090. Wind had shifted south so I was again on a close reach going home. Speed touched 6.0 a few times, but the wind was staling (opposite of freshening; just invented the word) so I settled for 5 and change. Let Otto take over again and lounged about on the cockpit cushions watching the sky.

Back on the dock by 1600. Great day.

Then stuffed myself silly at the club Thansgiving dinner.

Haulout next Saturday.

Where does the time go?

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Got about 15 kids and a few adults out on the water yesterday in 8 Sunfish sailboats. Wind was light at first for capsize drills and then started to pick up enough to get the boats planing. A great day. Personally only a 30 minute sail but the kids were out for a couple of hours.
Beautiful, sunny, good light breeze steady tradewinds and warm water.
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Didn't make it out this last weekend (yardwork-Grrr!) but the previous weekend was nice: wind WSW ~ 20 kts. 2-3' waves. Avg speed in the high 8's .

Next weekend looks pretty dry so I might be able to get a few hardy souls ( Hi temp in the 40's).
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sitting on the dock of the bay

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there was no sail today .. just 8 hours in an air conditioned office listening to people who know too much about nothing. just as well: 90 degrees out with high humidity and not much wind. can you tell it's monday?
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Saturday I left not sure where I was going. Great wind I didn't put a reef in until I felt like it. No mrs. Aboard. Someone said gale force winds here on the bay but my wind speed thing said 10 somethings usually it is 6. Never seen it say 10 before so now it is confirmed broken. Not a Gail though. Sailed off the mooring and dropped hook in shaws bay all sailing. An eagle once and abit came out to scout or glide. Watching it I thought what a wing span but bland but I couldn't help continue and notice the way the tips of either wing would fold upward. Greased the main winch lubes the travellor and put a coat on the cockpit coamings. Briefly took a dip dam that waters cold. All night the wind was steady. Didn't last through the day. Almost pulled the hook 2 this am as I wasn't sleeping. Sailed out recalibrated the autodude as I relocated the fluxgate. Motorsailed that last bit. Something is wrong with the head were stinking. Of all the fittings I didn't double clamp. A major rinse is underway. Went in and started the truck. No brakes turns out the port side back li ne is blown. Here's to that guy that discovered Brasil. Not sure I shouldn't be at work
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dry tortugas to tampa----absolutely perfect---took 2 days and was awesome......
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20kts Abeam.. WooHoo!

Today was great - went out Gordon Pass (Naples FL) with the winds blowing SE20 - 25. Had the grandkids and others aboard. Put in a reef and had a BLAST showing the kiddies what sailing is all about. Had to cut it a bit short as one of the kidss started turning green.. on a cat no less....!

I'm sore, tired, sunburned and really glad to have had this sail today!

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A nice, easy no-stress sail

Orca is in Ensenada, having been diverted there by Yachtpath on her way to the Pac NW (I'll do a full review of my experience with Yachtpath, after it is over). Thinking we would escape the gray drearies of Puget Sound this time of year, we arrived in Ensenada to....rain! Lots of rain! More rain than they've had this time of year in a long time.

Well, the restaurants and wine country around here is wonderful and worth a trip, all by itself. But, today dawned clear, sunny and somewhat warm, so off we go! Had a very pleasant, easy, 10 to 14 knots of wind, so no speed demon stuff. Nonetheless, it was good to feel the sea again (after 6 months on land, it took a couple hours to get it back). Also, this was Orca's first taste of Pacific water. In her life so far, she's tasted the Indian, Atlantic and now the Pacific.

A good day.

Intentional Drifter

Observations are gold; hypotheses, silver; and conclusions, bronze.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.--Ben Franklin

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.--Daniel Patrick Moynihan
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Couple of days ago, sailing from Camden Haven to Port Stephens (NSW, Aus coast), were sailing along, log (and GPS) showing 9-10-11 knots, flat water, little swell, blue sky..... pressed the True/apparent button on the wind guage, and true windspeed was going 9-10-11 knots.....

Plus the smell of fresh bread baking in the breadmaker....(powered by solar panels)

Not bad for what is our floating home....

Wish I had taken some video!
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Stuck here in an office looking at the bleak, grey Melbourne sky I'm glad you didn't take a video!

probably would have made a bad lifestyle choice and told the boss where to stick..........................



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