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Is there a difference between boats for

First off, I would like to thank everyone on this board. I am brand new to sailing, I havent even started my sailing classes yet, But I am pretty excited. I have learned alot by just reading this forum. For that I say thank you to everyone for their advice.

Just a little back ground on me here. Im 42 and I plan on learning as much as I can over the next 15-20 years, then retire and leave Chicago and start to sail the world. Of course I will be doing lots of sailing before I retire so I get to know how to handle the boat, sea's and problems that might come up. From what I read I will have more then enough income coming in each month to live for the rest of my life on my boat and see the world. Im sure I will have lots and lots of questions but right now I am holding off.

But the one big question I have is about a boat. My final boat will be about a 38-45 ft something a few years old, nothing past 3-5yrs from new. If i figured everything correctly, when i retire, I will have about 200K for the boat and 4-5k a month to live off of, not that I will need that much lol. I know it will be tough to account for inflation. I will be most likely sailing single handed. I was thinking about a Hunter or Catalina, with a dry weight of around 17000-20000 lbs. +/-

My dreams are to sail out of Chicago and go to Iceland, western Europe down to South Africa to Australia then to Antarctica, up the eastern side of South America to the BVI area.

With that I am planning on doing, is there a major difference in boats that sail the north and south seas vs just sailing around the BVI area? What are some things I should be looking for?

Also where is the best place to buy a boat, in the USA or outside the USA?

I know this question is pretty early to ask in right now since I have very little experience, but I just want to start my research and get to know the right boat for what I want.

Thank you all very much and thank you in advance to anyone that replys.


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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

Howdy Brian! Welcome aboard CF.

With your future budget, you should be able to find a nice boat.

Since your purchase is maybe 20 years off in the future, I think the best thing or you to do is take some formal lessons, go sailing on a bunch of other people's boats OPB, and learn about boats by sailing on them.

In 20 years from now, there will probably be many advancements that may make today's Boats outdated.

Enjoy the wait, enjoy learning about sailing, and enjoy the forum.

Ahoy All Sailors! Need experienced crew for a passage or delivery in Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Med, PNW, ICW, coastal or across an ocean anytime in 2018? I am available on 24hr notice. See my CF Profile "About Me" page for details. Happy to lend a hand!
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

Hi, cooking guy,

Welcome aboard.

Well, I personally would not take either of those boats to Iceland or around the Cape of Good Hope. Why? Because, to me, they are designed for different usage, more in the day hops league and less in the high latitude sailing one, where everything has to work well in strong winds and high seas. Those latter will be unavoidable.

Because of your moniker, cg, I thought your questions would concern what you should look for in the ship's galley. It must be able to work safely at 15-20 degrees of heel angle. We like our "U" shaped galley, but a side galley with a butt belt can also be relatively comfortable to use in a seaway.

Who scorns the calm has forgotten the storm.
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

Hunter or Catalina would be the last boats I'd consider for trips to high latitudes. They primarily dock condos that can occasionally go sailing. Would look at one of the French aluminum boats as a first choice though price may not work for you. Would not be hung up on a 'new' boat. Would look for strong boat that has been well maintained with much new equipment. If you are sailing alone a boat of 35'-40' should do just fine and even work if you get a permanent crew in the interim. Other than your boat choice, looks like you've got a viable plan.
Peter O.
'Ae'a Pearson 35
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

I think your $200k number may be an issue. New boat prices have been rising rapidly. To get a 3-5yr old 40' boat in 15yrs is likely going to be well over that number.

Of course way to early to be that specific about the boat you will need. Get something that works for your current needs and in 15yrs if you are still thinking of going to Iceland you can trade in when you are more knowledgeable.
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Brian.
Gord May
"If you didn't have the time or money to do it right in the first place, when will you get the time/$ to fix it?"

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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

You might find this video informative
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

The boats you named are not adequate to make the journey you describe. In fact it would be a very dangerous trip in either of those boats. And I know there will be folks who will now say, "but I did it in a XXXXX" And yes, people have sailed around the world in a dinghy and lived to tell about it. Lots more have never been heard from again.

For that type trip you would need a Hallberg Rassy or at a minimum an Island Packet and many other true offshore blue water boats. Full keel, skeg protected rudder, very heavy rigging, heavy displacement and stronger sails. And a lot more money then you have budgeted.

It will take you 10 years to do the big loop, sail all the Caribbean, East and West coast, and a few other really great places. And that can all be done in either of those boats. After that if you still want to do that trip you will know what boat to buy.
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

Just a little back ground on me here. Im 42 and I plan on learning as much as I can over the next 15-20 years, then retire and leave Chicago and start to sail the world.
I am 48 now. I would not wait another 15-20 years. Especially for the adventure sailing you want to do. Those subtle aches creep up on you. It will be harder to get going for the long term the longer you wait. Better to sea harden now and still keep going than to find you just don't have the energy.

Read "Sailing a Serious Ocean" by John Kretschmer to get some real knowledge on off shore, heavy weather, boats.
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

Purchase the boat much cheaper in Europe then sail it in the Med and other places outside the US. Much much cheaper and more to see, plus better food is the current situation. 15-20 years from now, who knows.... post WWIII
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

Hunter and catalina are not usually heard in the same post with high latittude expedition sailing. 200k for a 3-5 year old 40 footer preped provisioned and ready to go for high latitude expedition sail could be tough today good managing that in another 15 +/- yrs. Waiting till you are a Senior citizen to go off on high latitude sailing expedition may prove problematic.

For everythjng else there is MASTERCARD

Unless your retirement $$$ is locked up in something real, 15-20 yrs can throw a lot of curves. More than one guy has lost way more than that in low risk investment and is now looking at retiring as a walmart greeter.

Can you do what you outlined? Sure it is possible, but it would be an extraordinary feat. If it was me i would look at older rock solid boats and do everything i could to get out there now on that high lat expedition. Then when your old n gray you will have amazing memories and stories to tell other cruisers as you enjoy kicking back in Margaritaville.

Good luck in however you proceed
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

Maybe a suggestion or two. First take the sailing lessons and if in chgo you can join a club or two and begin to crew for others on their boats and begin to understand what you are taking on. It is easy to read and watch but experience sailing and heel and big sharp seas are something different There is an old saying that if you can sail the Great Lakes in almost any weather you can sail anywhere. So after a bit of an easy start go out with folks when the winds are really honking and see what you think.
Then begin to plan. As for the boat just hang on and learn what makes a boat a boat. If I can make a comparison - boats are kinda like cars - a Yugo is not a Rolls Royce or a Ford is not a Mercedes - and you would not take an S Class into the backcountry where you need high clearance, rugged frame, 4 wheel drive ect -

so take your time and learn learn learn. By the way after getting a new Jeanneau DS40 and saling a few years in Biscayne Bay all we wanted to do was to get to the Bahamas and back without setting her on the ground, sinking her or dying. That was 8 years ago and we have gradually expanded our horizons to where we did a 2 person Atlantic crossing in 2013 (and no rally or arc) and now 3 yrs in the Med going on 4.

SO one small step for a man will get you there. Slow and steady
just our thoughts and opinions
chuck and svsoulmates
In Marmaris Turkey for the winter
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

Thank you so much to everyone for the great advice so far.

Trust me I will be learning as much as I can over the next 15-20 yrs thru the sailing classes that I will be taking. I have been told that there are always people looking for people to crew on their boats for the day or weekend in Chicago, so I will be taking advantage of that one.

I will be doing all the research I can about sailing and the advice Ive gotten about the 2 boats I was interested in is awesome. I didnt know that those type of boats were " weekend warriors" type boats ( Please dont bash me for classifying them like that lol). I will own a boat in the near future and sail it on Lake Michigan, but I was referring to my final boat to purchase to make the high latitude expeditions. In my opinion its best now to plan for the future purchase.

Also now I know i need to work harder and have more for my final boat purchase over the 200K price i was looking at.. Im sure I can get that to 250-300k just for the boat.. Especially after I sell my house. .. Unless there is a WWIII and lets hope that dosent happen.. lol
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

As others have said, a Hunter or Catalina (as they are currently built) would not be suitable for the high-latitude sailing and certainly not for a Cape Horn passage. They are lightweight production boats designed primarily for day-sailing and coastal hopping, not Cape Horners.

Since the boat you will eventually buy will not be built for another 15 years or so, i think your question is perhaps a little premature. Get a few few miles under your belt, do some ocean passages in a variety of latitudes and preferably a variety of boats and re-evaluate! Oh, and enjoy yourself while doing so. Good luck!
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Re: Is there a difference between boats for

You've got the right idea beginning your research now, lol I started when I was 18, 46 now planning on taking off for salt water in 2-4 years depending on my last work contract.
I'm planning on looking for a little bit older boat, have a number in mind, to be honest I don't like too many modern boats! I plan on sailing not living at a dock....Don't need, want or desire many of the things others can't live without, I don't have most of them in my home so why would I need it on a boat, lifestyle choice and nobodies is wrong.
Sold my cottage this summer, just put one of my houses on the market yesterday. Cash is there just have to wait for the right boat to come along! Have the time budgeted in the plan, already have a boat I really enjoy, so when the right boat comes along I'll be ready, somewhere between 2-4 years to find it.
Enjoy the trip, I know I wouldn't change the last 32 years of sailing even if I could. Most times you'll love it, sometimes you will question your sanity. I know more than a few times I've wondered why I was out there, cold, wet and dark. But when you get to where you're going you really feel like you've done someting few others could do and you can't wait to get out there again.
Not sure anybody should really listen to me though, I also think climbing mountains and frozen waterfalls is fun.......

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