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The figures can be simple, buy a boat and start sailing, stay on the hook or simply just keep sailing.
$5k boat, $10k food and go, sail non stop around the big blue sphere. Done

what other costs are there?? No marinas, No restaurants.

I do see where you are coming from Mark, and I agree for me and the trip I want it is impossible. So I am saving, our budget is $25k a year, for 2 people, The boat is already paid for. We will have a budgeted enough so we can sail for at least 10 years, plus I will have enough money in an emergency kitty that I could go buy a new boat if needed, and a paid for home back in Canada to return to that will be occupied by our kids while away.

Again this is what I want from my trip, I don't want to have the worry if this breaks how can I get it fix, or worry if I can or can't afford to go into a marina if needed.

We plan not to do marinas and to avoid the "tourist" type of outings. I hope to come in well under our budget, but I am a planner and need to overplan and over prepare for things. So I won't be going until I am in a place I feel comfortable.

I overplan a family trip to Florida, but meet a guy who was riding his bike around North America, 27 yr old. has been on the road for 7 years, Started in Houston Texas, meet him in Windsor, Ontario Canada, he had already logged 15000 miles, staying here and there, all his worldly possesions on his bike. He stayed with my family for 4 days, we fed him and sheltered him, in exchange, he gave me a hand building a deck, and told some great stories.

So you can not say it is is not possible, for you and me maybe but not for everyone.

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"Arround the WORLD for $15k. "
Well, if you collect rain for water, you can figure about $30 for $25 pounds of rice and a 5-10# bag of beans, that's about a buck a day for food, enhanced with all the fish you can find. Maybe two years to get around...that's only $720 for food, so there's still $14,280 in the boat kitty!

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Hey, I'm doing the exact same thing! I'm 26, cant stand my desk job, and I just feel like a rat in a cage. And we found out they are making our cubicles smaller last week, haha. I bought a 1971 Columbia 34, which has been taken around the world, for $5000 in the middle of winter in New England and have lived on her in Boston since December. Its been a great experience getting to know this boat inside and out, lets do it! I plan on sailing into San Diego about this time next year....think you can wait that long? Anyway, here is a blog I started since purchasing the boat: I HATE SHOES

Let me know what you think, my email is, we can do this together, and help each other out along the way!
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Originally Posted by MarkJ View Post
Originally Posted by boatman61 View Post

sailed by him from the UK to the Caribbean and back..
Yes, fine. As are all the romantic notions about working whenever the kitty gets low for good Whities dollars, not the local currency. But the OP said: "Sail Around the World on $15k ?"
Arround the WORLD for $15k.
The UK to carib doesn't hit any of the major expenses and can be done in just a few months there and back sitting on the hook the whole time.

Yes, my post is negative but at least its reality!

Instead of the balderdash about $250 bottles of wine and racism you need to come up with some facts to support what is, quite literally, crap.
Go do your sums and show me the figures how this person can do it for $15,000 including the price of the boat.

You can't do it because its not possible!

Put up the figures! Show me the money and how he can do it!

Lol... no need to get 'Pissy'...
The boat was an example that "Old Boats" do it often... you don't need a $100,000+ Plastic Fantastic... the rest was stating fact not racism...
75% of cruisers feel uncomfortable outside their "Zone"... thats why the 'All In Stalag' type hotels are so popular... one can say they've been to a country yet never have to meet any of the locals barring the staff... and tour guides.. and even they can be imported..
If you've read my posts you'll see I've recommended he work at some time.. and the work is there if you LOOK for it... ever heard of the "Black Economy"... or is that racist as well...
Its alive and thriving courtesy of all the 'Holier than Thou" companies out there... lol... check out the dish washers/ chamber staff next time you pop in a Marriott, or Mc'Donalalds franchises.. there's hundreds..
Not all are as fortunate as you, many will never be, as you should realise... but that does not mean they should be discouraged from having a go... and sarcastically mocked in the bargain..
Just because something cannot be done by you, does not mean it cannot be done by someone else...

And all currencies are acceptable.. Rupees, Euros, Dollars, Pounds... don't be silly as well mate...

Born To Be Wild
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Originally Posted by MarkJ View Post

Pull the other one. It plays Jingle Bells.
Luckily Slocum didn't think so!

But that $800 is 10% of your total cruise budget, but how could you miss the pyramids? Or miss Cappadocia in Turkey? The Coliseum in Rome? The Great Wall of China? The Rock in Gibraltar? Cheese and wine on the waterfront in France? The donkey up Santorini? Eating with locals at some favorite, non touristy Taverna? Or even a fresh breakfast Croissant from a bakery?
I don't think "sailing around the world" necessarily entails doing the postcard touristy stuff.. Question of taste really, I don't tend to bother.
sv Libertalia
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Originally Posted by idpnd View Post
Luckily Slocum didn't think so!
However, do remember that Slocum was not a 24 yo math teacher, completely inexperienced at sailing, navigation, boat maintenance, anchoring, and all the other skills that Josh had spent a lifetime at sea acquiring.

Actually, I reckon that a lot of this controversy has been stimulated by the OP's wording of the original post. If he had said something like "I've got 15 grand saved up and I want to go have a years fun sailing around on the cheap" no one would have gotten excited. It was his throwing in the circumnavigation stuff that threw his request into the silly bin. MarkJ is dead nuts on: not bloody likely to acheive his goal for a lot of reasons, namely time, money and experience (lack of all three, that is).

We've encountered young low-bucks cruisers at various times in MExico and the South Pacific. Some were having a great time, some were frankly miserable, but none were attempting quite the task that the OP has presented -- they were all on unlimited schedules, and few were driven towards circumnavigating.

So, I'll add (again) my advice to take it in smaller steps. A year in Mexico is barely enough time to get yur cruising feet wet, and we sure had a good time beating about in the Sea of Cortez.


Jim and Ann s/v Insatiable II lying Church Point, NSW, Oz
Jim and Ann s/v Insatiable II , lying Twofold Bay, Eden,NSW after our 32d crossing of Bass Strait!
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I don't see the problem with the cost. My last cruise cost me approx.
$270.00 per month. that included smokes and booze. Being frugel is
somewhat of an art. While living on land now, without oweing anything
to anyone, I live on 18,000 a year, but I do have insurance on car, house,
self. I quit smoking and the booze. My last cruise ended about 3 yrs ago.
You never know until you try.
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Originally Posted by idpnd View Post
I don't think "sailing around the world" necessarily entails doing the postcard touristy stuff. Question of taste really, I don't tend to bother.
Of course not. But surely the whole point is to go places - the more exotic the better - and be able to stop now and then and explore for awhile. Unless you’re going for a record or have sponsorship, I don’t know why anyone would want to sail around the world alone and nonstop. It might be different if it was something you could do in a few weeks. But even assuming no disasters, it would take nearly a year. Even using the canals, it would take months - how sad to be able to say: "I sailed around the world and the only places I stopped were Balboa and Suez." Slocum took 3 years, and he had the good sense to line up his book deal in advance. If the only thing that matters is being able to say you’ve done it, pick something else. For $30-40k you can climb Everest and it only takes a few weeks.
"There's nothing . . . absolutely nothing . . . half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats."

Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows (River Rat to Mole)
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"Being frugel is somewhat of an art."

For sure being frugal is something within one's self and people who are not frugal can't comprehend the absolute cheapness of us "frugal ones".

SO . . . if you're generally a frugal person, by all means continue on this trip of about $10,000 . But if you're not a frugal person . . . don't bother, unless you intend to supplement your income.

Cause, if you're not truly a frugal person, you'll find all sorts of reasoning for spending money.

I say a SOLO coastal sail from California to Alaska and back would be more than enough accomplishment I could be proud of.

Consider Robert Mandry who didn't know anything about sailing, quit working that the Cleveland Press(?) and sailed SOLO from America to England in a 13'(maybe 16'), long sailboat called Tinkerbelle.
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I think tinkerbelle was 13'6? Definataley not an inch more. Great story. But as an advocate of William wills story. They don't even come close. Has anyone else read this? It's really nit my thing nit starting a fan club but wow what a story and no one seems aware of it.
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I, too some extent, agree with MarkJ:

- PLS do not mix up reality with negativity - Mark !!! IS / HAS BEEN SAILING !!!, not daydreaming, not planning, sailing ... . So have some other posters.

- 15k, round thwrld ... ??? difficult.

I myself have a very, very (by Western standards) marginal lifestyle - no car, mortgage, TV, fridge, mobile (cellular), children, drinking habits, nicotine/drugs, etc.. Yet, it took me 20k in the boat and another 20k to sail RTW starting 2003! PLS note - I do not suffer. This is my lifestyle, it has always been this way. I simply seem not to need this kind of stuff.

Possible go any cheaper? Yes. (?) Easy? No.(!)

Next to impossible.

Not discouraging anybody. Quite contrary. I say - follow your inner calls, not other's ideas.

But use the maths along the way. why not do it, since it is already there.

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Right on this web site there is a Crew Positions section. Or you could try They send me daily updates for boats looking for crew. Normally you pay your own travel and expenses, but should certainly be cheaper than $15K in a year's time.

Also, remember's better to have gone alone than to not have gone at all!
A small boat and a suitcase full of money beat a 40 footer tied to a bank every time!
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The dream of wanting to do this on a budget is positive. To those who find it a challenge to their life-styles it is negative. Good luck to Mark and his cruising style he can afford it. We don't all need crates of beer and convoys to see the World. The poster could head South as suggested and learn the ropes in the Sea of Cortez then south to the Pacific, NZ,Australia,around top and into Indian Ocean and south to South Africa then into Atlantic and north to Caribbean and USA, this has been done in an 18ft open boat.
Mark was probably the biggest critic of Jessica Watson yet she is nearly home having passed 18000miles of low latitudes with no beer or convoy for safety.
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OK heres the figures as I reckon them to be: (Feel free to check them and adjust)

Boat $5,000
EPIRB $500 (Required in many countries by law
Handheld GPS $250 (Or cheap good sextant for the purists)
Solar Panels 2 x$500= $1,000 incl fittings, wiring, fuse, diode but not smart charger (I paid 2X$800 but they are coming down in price)
Charts: Either Laptop at $1,000 and pirate charts on OpnCpn or photocopys @ $5 say 20 charts worldwide = $100 (But you really need a laptop!)
Registration For Australia $799 + Postage (ours was $500 FedEx) + Painting name and 'Marking" (I don't know what USA registration is)
Bottom Cleaning/painting x 2 tins International, brushes, sand paper, new Zinc, small resin for small chip in keel seller 'forgot' to mention. $2,000 either on buying boat or somewhere around the world. Careening not really possible because its pretty local knowledge.
Spare Oil for 2 oil changes 2x$30=$60
Filters 2 sets 2 x $50 = $100
Impellor spare $50
Fan Belt Spare $10
Hose Clamps spare 5x$2=$10 (not the ones with the SS screw)
Clearing in/out of countries: Average is about $200 per country overall, some cheaper, some hit you with extra fee for weekend arrival not negotiable. Includes prearranged visas, photos, photocopies of crewlists, rego etc De-Ratting Certificates, Transport to some authorities Flags for each country can't really be made... try sowing 50+stars... Say 10 counties only = $2,000
Panama Canal= $1000 incl transit $850, line rental (no you can't use your own!) tyres, food for 2 x pilots, cleaning materials so boat isnt rejected by pilots. Fuel for 45nms at max revs
Suez Canal $500 incl graft and corruption thats non negotiable, paperwork, agency - obligatory.
Government Tax $10 per country. Almost every country will hit you for some fee: fishing license, National Park entry fee, anchoring fee, diving fee, 10 x $10 = $100
Water, fresh. Rain water is not collectable in parts of Asia. Why? Catch a cup and look! Other parts of the world at the times one cruises there’s little rain, Carib in Winter, Middle East anytime, Med in Summer. Buying freshwater in 20 liter bottles has always been about $2 per 20 liter bottle, Or $15 tankfull paid at fuel dock/marina etc World cruise say $100
Proof of funds or Cash deposits. French Polynesia need you to pay them CASH $1,800 per person refundable at end of stay. Some other countries want proof of funds Europe, Thailand and Indonesia are examples So account can’t dip to rock bottom till last leg home. Say need $1,000 in bank
Fuel: Solar panels remove engine use except for motoring. Fuel costs: Most expensive $2.64 per litre - $10.02 per US gallon!(and that was duty free!). Average fuel cost around the world works out to be about $1 per liter = $3.80 per US gallon. Fuel use is NOT only up to operator, Suez and Panama are long runs at max revs, ports, harbours, coral cays, reefs etc, dive spots, surfing, are all under motor (We motored for 5 days without stopping in the convoy through Gulf of Aden): So what say $500? Most would spend several thousand.
Gas for cooking: Cooking rice/pasta/beans takes time. We use one gas bottle in 6 weeks(?) cost is average $6 if we get it to the main gas supplier (bus fare), $10 if local bottle shop. Most expensive was $20 in Carib: 18month cruise = 13 gas bottles @ $6 = $78 plus bus fare = total $100
Fishing lines and equipment: We have caught 4 fish in 25,000 (?)nm miles yet we have dragged a line over most of that. I have tried every form of home made lure and none have worked. The only ones have been shop ones for above $10 each… that I lose 1 per fish. OK I am not a great fisherman! But don’t rely of fish! $100

Expenses Total= $10,179 or 9279 if photocopy charts used and no laptop. Incl Boat = $15,179 + proof of funds (and Panama buffer) = $16179

It doesn’t include Food, groceries, Internet, Phone calls home, Postcards home, rides on local busses, beer, museum visits, exploring, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Insurance of any type, Clothes, souvenirs, Pilot books or photocopies, sail repair tape, contingency funds, breakdowns or repairs, other Spares, upgrading the boat i.e changing Halogen to LEDs, Outboard motor fuel (get fit rowing), glues, soap, washing, cleaning products, toilet paper, UHT Milk or the coffee it goes in, a chicken to cook when you pick up some chick, or any luxury not matter how humble even an icecream.

Good things: No drugs, cigarettes, Alcohol, McD’s


So even without food there would still not be the money to circumnavigate.
So how about doing it the was Slocum did it via the Horn, top of Australia, Indian Ocean and the Cape. Do you really think a $5k boat could go around the Horn the wrong way? IE into the wind, and then the Agulhas current and the Cape also the wrong way about? Remember that it took Slocum many months to transit the Magellan Straits including one knock back during a gale that took him 6 weeks to re-sail!
Even without the Panama Canal and Suez factored in the real costs are above the $15k. So how about a non-stop 3 capes Southern Ocean trip. The money would be fine.
Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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Originally Posted by Springbok View Post
Mark was probably the biggest critic of Jessica Watson yet she is nearly home having passed 18000miles of low latitudes with no beer or convoy for safety.
Never a critic of her. Just a critic of the ever decreasing age of chilluns sent to break records for 'fame'.

Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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round the world

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