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Good stuff Mark

S/V Arctic Lady
I love my boat, I can't afford not to!
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My first thought was, sure it can be done.
You could probably get a boat for not much cash. And then eat ramen noodles.
But as mark so well put it, whats the point?
If you really would want to get away for a year or so, I would suggest using half of your money and crew. Save the rest for one day when you can add it up to all the rest and live out your dreams.
I have spent the last 2 years learning the hard way that upgrading a older boat is a expensive way to travel. It is a real learning experience, and while there are days I regret it, there are many more that I do not. In the end it will be worth it I hope. But I could not even begin to think I could do it for that amount of money. The truth is, boats costs big bucks. I have seen people do it on the cheap, but not crossing oceans.
And once you got there, what will you do with no money?

SV Sarah Claire blog...
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Kordie, look for a "scenic destination" that can be reached by easy sails downwind. Faced with the upwind beat back home and surprised by what a long ocean crossing can be, "many" folks will leave their boat and put it up for sale, resulting in a bit more of a glut and cheaper prices. In theory. Must be some "island paradises" like that near Oz.<G>
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As a brain-teaser and 'not to be used for navigation':

I am a 24 year-old teacher (Math and Biology) living in southern California. I need a break from teaching and I want to sail around the world.

That's quite early you need a break (how early do you become a teacher in Cal?, in EU it is often 18 y.o. plus 5 years in the Uni = 23). Why not follow your teacher's career first, and sail later?

The challenge: I have only $15,000 cash saved up.

Good point. No problems, only challenges. Low budget though.

The challenge gets BIGGER: I have little sailing experience (merely ASA 101 and 103 certified).

Lack of certifications small challenge, lack of experience the bigger challenge.

Even BIGGER: I may have to single-hand it, but I am looking for a friend to go with me. For the sake of this brain-teaser, let's assume I am going to single-hand it.

Going solo is no challenge, if you are a solo type of personality. Otherwise find a mate.

Give up alcohol (already done) - expensive luxury.

But where is all the rum gone? No need to give up. Drink with moderation.

Hope to buy a seaworthy boat in LA for about $5k.

A boat, yes. Seaworthy, no.

Live on the hook.


Eat rice and beans.

Why? Unless this is your fave food.

Learn to fish.

If you like fish (to eat), yes.

Sail up and down the So Cal coast for practice.
Once comfortable, sail to Channel Islands (do this all summer).
Weather in October is prime (regarding safety) to go around Baja tip.
Get more experience in Sea of Cortez.
From there, see how comfortable I feel with my experience - then either go to the Caribbean (for more practice) or head to Peru and follow Kon Tiki's route to make my first trans-oceanic passage.

What does it have to do with sailing around the world? If you do all this your budget will be blown way before you lose any intention of crossing the ocean.

I accept that there will be risk involved.

Control them.

The main goal is to cruise for a year on $15k (including boat purchase). If I circumnavigate the globe, that is icing on the cake (very appetizing icing).

Sailing around the world is very easy. But not that easy. I believe getting ready for 1 year's cruising is dramatically different from getting ready for a circumnavigation. Make up your mind.

Get a sound, proven design. Learn sailing. Focus. Go for it.

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Barnakiel as usual is spot on with his advice. You don't have to go round the world to have fun on a boat and to get your head into a completely different space. Learn sailing and learn how to look after your boat. If you are not into singlehanded, find a mate to share your adventure. I would not recommend singhanded cruising for any novice sailor. Upgrading your boat for long distance cruising is normally a time consuming job.
Good luck!
west coast Ireland family sailing
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I just banged out a mega post.. went to post it but found I'd "Timed Out" and had to log back in...losing the post... to the relief of many .... I'm guessing,
I cant be assed to do it

Born To Be Wild
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Originally Posted by boatman61 View Post
I just banged out a mega post.. went to post it but found I'd "Timed Out" and had to log back in...losing the post... to the relief of many .... I'm guessing,
I cant be assed to do it
I hate that!
"Go simple, go large!".

Relationships are everything to me...everything else in life is just a tool to enhance them.
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Originally Posted by Stillraining View Post
I hate that!
Yeah.. think in future on long ones I'll copy.. then if I'm timed out I can just paste it in...

Born To Be Wild
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Lots of negativity going around here.
Anything can be done, given the will and desire to do it.
I have friends that live in Northern Canada, they have 3 acres of land they bought for $2500. They made their home from discarded material they found. It is a shack but the 2 of them are happy, no power or running water, they have an outhouse, a green house allows them to grow food all year. they hunt and fish for meat. They have a few goats and chickens, they live off less than $1000 a year. They make that by selling crafts at local flea markets and shows.

Some of the nicest people I know, and happy very happy. He was a computer programmer, had a heart attack at 31yrs old. They were stressed in debt and unhappy. So they cleared up all their debt, and moved away from it all.

Now is that my way of life, hell no. But it works perfect for them.

So I have no right to tell anyone they can't sail the world for $15000, I couldn't do it myself, I have different needs.

The seaworthy boats are out there, you just have to look for them. The boat might now be everyone's idea of a seaworth boat, but hey I have seen some crazy things sailing around. Look at the guys that sailed to Hawaii on a boat made of garbage. They did it safely.

Some extra planning might be needed, don't push the limits of yourself or you vessel. But it can be done.

You are young, the life experience this would give will be priceless, you have many years ahead of you to work if you so choose.

You are also a teacher,a universally desired job. Teaching in other countries could be an option to supplement for work and food while you travel.

Good luck with your trip, enjoy it for what you get out of it.
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$15,000? Who knows? Worth a try, that's for sure. You might get a long ways. You'll surely have fun. You're lucky. You can glide down to the Sea of Cortez next fall. It's easy. There's people just like you already there and having a great time. Try to find a 'broken dream' boat that's already been restored ... and I mean the rig, rudder, winches, sails ... not all the other crap you don't need. Untie the dock lines. Go. Don't listen to any negativity, walk away from those fools.

Sure, use the summer to take some shakedown cruises to Santa Catalina and the Channel Islands. Work on finding crew, you don't need experienced crew, you need energy and somebody who will really add to the experience.
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Good to see some more positive posts. I think it could definitely be done, maybe working on the way. It would be a different trip than todays typical cruising adventure (40 foot plus for two, big budget) But it could be a great experience.

I still think as a single guy (if you have a good attitude) crewing is the way to go, even if you pay a bit to beegin with. You would learn heaps, enjoy the same places, and decide if it is for you.

I totally think with good research you could get a seaworthy boat for 5k. Would be small, old and rough but a few new throughhulls and some rigging wire could make it seaworthy.

Knowledge is more the problem, both to refit and leave. Safety/survival is always more about the Captain than the boat.

I met Naomi James husband many years ago and he sent her off with little experience but a sound boat and good reading material. This isn't rocket science, it is more about an attitude and personality type.

I have met people with the latest gear and boats who frankly scared me. We also met a guy (who has since become a good friend) who sailed from San Diego to Key West and then Jamaica in a J24 with no previous sailing experience. He was one of the safest cruisers that I have ever met. He had just come out of the Navy Seals however. Good skills, just not sailing ones.

We have done this twice. First time left BC with a paid for wooden boat and two under tens. We left with $120.

This time in a paid for 37ft plastic boat and two teens,some more $$, and an income.

We do more land trips, stay in Marinas, eat in restaurants. But is it more fun? Hard to say, it is still a lot of fun.

At anchor in the Sea of Cortez.
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There's two extremes of sailors out there... the guy who motors his 40+ftr into the Marina... clears in then heads to the Yacht Club or a swank restaurant full of people with loud voices discussing 'Share Options', Golf Handicaps, or the fact that the last restaurant they visited was so much better..and only $250 for each including a couple of bottles of wine..
Then there's the other guy who sails in and drops his hook under sail.. or if no wind sculls in.. drops anchor.. has a swim to freshen up, then paddles ashore in his old dinghy... hikes into the village/town and finds a bar the local fishermen use... hangs out.. has a good cheap meal and gets into a conversation with the guys...
One week later the Marina guys still hanging out in the Marina arguing Stocks n Shares.. maybe a couple of tour guide trips.. for local colour..
The other guy meanwhile is bouncing round various parts of the area in ramshackle cars.. picnicking, visiting local sites and homes, dancing and generally having a ball...
Once when I was in St Martin an old G/F asked if she could fly out and join me to experience the Caribbean... I picked her up at Julianna at we went back to the boat... the next evening after a lazy day swimming etc we went ashore for a meal and I took her to the market area in Marigot where a lot of the locals hang out.. great food too.. She freaked.. all those black faces and the lack of white ones scared the hell out of her.. We ended up at one of the restaurants in the old lagoon marina listening to "important people" and blowing a weeks money on one meal...
There's a multitude of folks in between, all convinced theirs is the only way to do it and NOTHING will change their minds... all you have to figure out is... are you the "Stocks n Shares Golfing Yuppie" or, the kind of person who'd join the VSO program or its US equivalent the Peace Corp, or somewhere in the middle and take it from there....
I've been middle of the road to very basic... hiked India/Pakistan, sailed the Med, Nth Atlantic and Caribbean.. crewed on a Dhow and learnt Spanish, Portuguese, Urdu and Pashto but still struggle with American... hell guys.. a torch is a torch..and a spanner a
I've fed myself for a dollar a day and sat in a Chelsea restaurant drinking $200/bottle wine at my Banks Christmas do...
Worked beach conncessions, bars, boatyards,traded goods, even cooked for cash.. met a multitude of people and shared their lives...
Not just been the 'Rich White Guy' breezing through shoving a camera into everyones face.... lot of I's.. but its a personal view..
Still think I prefer going native to the Expat/Yachtie Cliques that prevail around the world..
Whatever floats ones boat mate...

Born To Be Wild
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This boat is over 100yrs old, maintained on a shoestring by Spike (23 at the time), the guy on the bow, and was sailed by him from the UK to the Caribbean and back.. we met up in Horta after our crossings where the pic was taken... shared cheap vino de mesa, swopped tall tales and generally had a ball with other cruisers...

Born To Be Wild
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Originally Posted by boatman61 View Post

sailed by him from the UK to the Caribbean and back..
Yes, fine. As are all the romantic notions about working whenever the kitty gets low for good Whities dollars, not the local currency. But the OP said: "Sail Around the World on $15k ?"
Arround the WORLD for $15k.
The UK to carib doesn't hit any of the major expenses and can be done in just a few months there and back sitting on the hook the whole time.

Yes, my post is negative but at least its reality!

Instead of the balderdash about $250 bottles of wine and racism you need to come up with some facts to support what is, quite literally, crap.
Go do your sums and show me the figures how this person can do it for $15,000 including the price of the boat.

You can't do it because its not possible!

Put up the figures! Show me the money and how he can do it!

Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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Then again not for me but William wills seemed quite happy if not insane. Did it the way that suited him with a breath of a shoe string. You just gotta read seaworthy. Not sure why it was called seaworthy but ugh well different perspective. 15,000 not enogh for me but I can't jump on the nay sayer wagon. What ever blows your skirts up.

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round the world

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