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Re: Poorly marked lobster pots

Originally Posted by kas_1611 View Post

As a % how much of the fleet do you think actually have, and use religiously, AIS? Charter boats are highly unlikely to have it fitted or use it if it is fitted (or even know how to use it).

I've toyed with the idea of getting an AIS unit but TBH the cost puts me off for the sailing I do for the vast majority of the time. Sure if I were sailing across the Channel regularly or other busy shipping lanes then I'd seriously consider it but around the Adriatic I can't see the point as I can count the number of commercial vessels on the fingers of both hands I've come across. And I have never needed to contact them or had any interactions other than the occasional wave from a deck hand.

I'm not dismissing AIS for bluewater cruisers or as I mentioned busy shipping lanes but I doubt the vast majority of boats were I sail have it fitted and I suspect that is true of many a "weekend warrior". Additionally do we really want AIS cluttered up with signals from fishing pots when hi vis flags and/or yellow flashing lights would be just as effective?

Cheers and cold beers

Sure, certainly, AIS pot markers would not benefit some sailors, and I would never suggest that these would be a substitute for good visual marking.

But they would be a Godsend for sailing on dark night, and/or when a sea is running. Those sailors likely to be out in such conditions, are much more likely to have AIS. Radar reflector might be almost as good.

With proper antenna design, range might be no more than a mile or so, so clutter needn't be a problem. Would be good to have special symbols or colors so no one confuses with vessels.

AIS receivers are cheap, and if you could pick up pots with them - well that would be worth acquiring one right there, for anyone who sails at night, and doesn't already have one.

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Re: Poorly marked lobster pots

Originally Posted by Dockhead View Post
You have an unjustifiably low opinion of watermen. The great majority of them do care about what you think and try to be considerate. You might try actually talking to one of them, or at least read one of their forums, like

Some quotes from professional crabbers:

Capt. Frank:

"Trap floats and lines in the channel are hazards to navigation and should simply be seized and removed. Many use floating polypropylene lines too."


"Frank, we often lay our traps near to, but not in the channel.. some boaters call the Police for no reason..I often have a trapline get snagged on the keel of a sailboat... and that is understandable."

Capt. Frank:

"Gary, what idiot lays his traps in the channel? Rental boats I assume. But they are not jugging usually or in the Shrewsbury."


"There are some boaters in the Shrewsbury that feel they own the entire river. I try to work with everyone, there are always sailboats where I crab, and from time to time they hook a trap, it is understandable. The jet-skiers using the floats as a slalom course, pisses me off a bit."

In another thread:


"my 2 cents : work out any problems with any other crabber one on one. If someone sets markers at a ridiculous distance apart from each other, I will set in between your markers. The State Police receive complaints about floats regularly... lets not give them a reason to attempt to ban them.
My fear for years is that someday they would put a restriction on the amount of traps a crabber could use by rewriting the recreational crabber rules.
I know the Patcong is tough sharing the creek with jetskiers.... on the shrews it is jetskiers, tubers, and SAILBOATS- many sailboaters have unlimited funds and do not like floats... I work with everybody out there so my way of crabbing can remain the same."

Watermen are folks too. Show them some respect and consideration and you can usually expect to get the same in return.

* Report floats in channels -- they are illegal, and these rules are enforced.

* Don't ever mess with their gear.

* Try to stay out of their way and give them room.

Couple of things here, first, this area of NJ is the area that I have sailed in for the past 10 years, home waters. I also placed recreational blue crab pots in most of the rivers in the area during those same 10 years. I often hauled the pots with whatever sailboat I happened to be sailing that day. These are'nt huge cement weighted lobster pots, rather they are half the size and much lighter construction.

I always made sure the pots were out of the navigable channels, which on the Shrewsbury is the majority of the river. Due to lack of dredging for the past 25 years most of the river is not actually 'sail-able' unless you are aboard something with a centerboard under 20 ft because you will have to push off multiple times a day. But, hey, in a catboat it's a no brainer to haul a few pots and enjoy some sailing in between Some of the other crabbers used to get their panties in a wad seeing a sailboat hauling a pot, until they ran up on me at full throttle only to find out they were MY own pots After a few months most of the other guys got the word and I never got the 'rush up' again.

Now in Maine they usually show up with a shotgun pointed at someone holding a trap float on a boat that is'nt 'one of their own' Not for the faint hearted let me tell you.

I used readily available reflective tape from 3M on the tops of my floats and never lost one to an entanglement. Then again, like I said, I never palced my pots where they would impede the majority of navigation in any of the rivers.

Also, I have no ill will towards any other boater on the water, commercial or recreational. Even jet skiers should be judged individually by their actions. A few months ago in a portion of the Navasink River heading out into Sandy Hook Bay, I saw the oddest thing. There were 2 jetskis, one on either side of a disabled 12-15 ft runabout 'hip towing it' towards a dock. It contained a family of 4 and I could tell if not for the kindness of those 2 jetskiers that family would have been calling the CG. I later ran into the 2 jetskiers down by the dock I was using and both them both a beer and complimented them on their boat handling skills. They told me they are always out for fun, but willing to help any boaters in distress.

"Simplicity made the boat a pleasure to sail"
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Re: Poorly marked lobster pots

I don't think high technology is required, just some additional thought by watermen. Bigger, brighter floats would help. I'm always dumbfounded when I see a string of crap pot floats painted black. WTF, really? Maybe it's to discourage poaching, but I'd think the risk of losing the pots to fouls is greater.

And then there are pots placed where they simply should channels or in difficult to navigate waters. I know, pots get placed where the targets are, and that can change with water temperature, etc. but it strikes me as counter-productive to drop pots where the likelihood of them getting cut is high.
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Re: Poorly marked lobster pots

My pot floats are always yellow with reflective tape wrapped around the upper third with my numbers below. I use 5200 to apply the tape so it does n't come off easily Black floats are ridiculous and deserve to be run over if someone fails to see them in time oh well.

"Simplicity made the boat a pleasure to sail"
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