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watched a really good program recently on the bbc about black bears,seems like the bears are not the problem,the people are.

but then again it is really hard to teach common sense.

also what this has to do with cruising and sailing i fail to see...........

my catamaran building project updates
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When you get poked at with the virtual internet stick, it's best not to poke back. Just perpetuates the incivility.

atoll, I hope you don't edit your friends list because of this. You're the first one on my list. I hope you don't think you made a mistake.

Habitat encroachment gives plenty of opportunity for mistakes to be made. Sometimes the people attacked are not the ones that made mistakes originally.

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I agree it doesn't have much to do with it, but if your going to start commenting on other people not having common sense when it comes to bears just because you watched a bbc episode you'll enter into the land of hypocrisy.

Like I said pepper spray is just common sense if you hike or camp or even live out of town. I often have a black bear that visits right outside my door. See it all the time in the summer, doesn't mean I have ever had a problem but it also doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to protect myself. It doesnt even make me nervous since its just a common place event, but again between owning a $70 bottle that can protect you and not, just seems like there is a choice that is easily more logical.

Anyhow I am appreciated feedback.
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I've just gone through this thread and deleted 12 posts....lots of rudeness....
Way to treat a new member.
Yes its a divisive issue, but you know what mom used to say...If you don't have something nice to say........
We're this close to closing this thread.
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Originally Posted by James S View Post
We're this close to closing this thread.
Thanks, James.

I'm thinking we ought to authorize the mods to use pepper spray.
cruising is entirely about showing up--in boat shoes.
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Don't think of the colour 'Blue'

I find this so strange, and frustrating.
We're all supposedly intellegent adults.
The way I read it, the OP went to great lengths to clarify that he is asking opinions on a non violent, pepperspray self protection item.
Thats it!
But gun paranoia kicks in as usual and spoils the opportunity to have a normal, commonsense conversation.
What is wrong with everyone?
It should be no different to other discussions on safety like wearing shoes on board, or what tether to use, or first aid kits etc.

There is an inappropriate bowing down to political correctness that we really should be above.

I quite like the idea of having a pepper spray on the boat. A bit like insurance. You have it, and hope like hell you never need it.

And the colour blue?
If I say "Don't think of the colour Blue". What do you think of?
Blue, of course.

This is NOT a gun thread = this IS a gun thread because it had the word 'gun' in it?

And I even managed to avoid the banging head icon
One must live the way one thinks, or end up thinking the way one lives - Paul Bourget
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Anyone reading current events knows that the attitude of most all governments is that self-defense using anything potentially lethal or disarming is illegal unless you're a politician or otherwise politically connected. Shoot at somebody (with bullets, sprays, or whatever) and you will lose your wealth (fines, lawsuits, lawyer fees, etc.) and probably your freedom.
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Any recipes for pepper spray seasoned fish stew?
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Hi StubbornDancer.

Someone posted a similar idea regarding Tasers.

I spent some time looking up the laws for my post in that thread and the basic premise applies to this product as well.

Electrified weapons for the use of self defense are heavily regulated in most countries. To the point that even in most of the Caribbean, police officers do not even have them. This is particularly true for anything that fires a projectile, lethal or non lethal.

Here is an except of the law:
For purposes of subsection (a) of this section, the term 'switchblade knife' means any knife which has a blade which opens automatically by
hand pressure applied to a button, spring, or other device in the handle of the knife; and the term 'gravity knife' means any knife which has a blade
which is released from the handle or sheath thereof by the force of gravity or the application of centrifugal force which, when released, is locked
in place by means of a button, spring, lever or other device; and the term 'electric weapon or device' means any device which, through the
application or use of electric current, including battery operated devices, is designed, redesigned, used, or intended to be used for
offensive or defensive purposes, the destruction of life, or the infliction of injury.
The other point that I made in the Taser post was that these weapons require you to subdue someone after you use it. A lot of people forget about that part. So think of hitting someone in your cockpit with this thing then having to keep them in that state until the law arrives. That to me is the biggest issue at hand with the non-lethal "Immobilizing" stuff. The are still on the boat.

Neat device! But I would be more interested in something that keeps them off the boat in the first place. A game cam would be interesting perhaps. Ie. Motion detector with a camera and flash used to keep track of game in the woods.
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Shoot.... to hear you guys talk you'd think the US is the only country with wild animals...
well the bipedal types anyways.

come to find out they were laughing at the tourists being so dumb to be walking in the woods with BLACK BEARS roaming around without a sidearm! Seemed like at least one tourist gets attacked a month...
I knew it , thats the reason I carry a anchor/gun/budget on board, black bears, do they use dinghies to get out to me, or swim or what


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Back to OP plenty of places will regard such a device as a weapon - and would therefore be illegal. Which places? no idea But would seem that if you were going to the trouble of carrying a weapon (legally or not) - that it might as well be a proper one

Still not sure why folk would go somewhere they consider unsafe enough to need a gun to fend off the locals - and then go somewhere dark / isolated, surrounded by riches...........and fall sound asleep

Seems a bit couterintuitive to me But I am not totally familiar with the way of the warrior
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I've equipped the boat with a Moroccan wife and a four year old daughter. Within fifteen minutes of boarding any pirate will pay me for his release.
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Originally Posted by four winds View Post
Apparently outside the US many people believe it's a mistake to consider being prepared to protect oneself. I don't get it. That's a generalization of course. Just today a elderly English lady chased away some jewelry store robbers with a swinging purse full of just purchased groceries.

About the device. I've read here that some far flung places consider like items unlawful.
Stubborn..... forget the sprays etc.... just sign this lady up as crew.... watch how she runs 200yds up the road to tackle 6 big guys....
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Originally Posted by stuborndancer View Post
1. Comparably laws against pepper spray are non existent when compared to gun laws and other countries.
Not true. In fact, many countries (and some states in the U.S.) regulate pepper spray just as rigidly as they regulate guns.
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in fact where I used to live , I could license rifles upto .308 caliber, shotguns, semis etc( easily) . Peper spray is completely banned.


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