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Old 21-01-2010, 20:57   #1
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After much research. Lots of phone calls. And much input. Some friends just flew back from New Zealand they said 85% of the Crusiers they met used CQR's as there primary anchor and they were happy. Bruce was 2nd and they were also happy especialy the 60 something pounders . Deltas 3rd mixed bag mostly Happy.
I am Happy to say that I am going to stick with my CQR.
Its an Original from Scottland. Not some Knock off.
Here's why:
Just because an Anchor sets fast or flips over and sets again dosn't mean its a great or even a good anchor. The Most important thing about an anchor is robust construction. CQR's are forged( Not welded). I want that sucker to hold together no matter what. Original CQR's are not made in China. We have a plant in China ..........I will leave it at that.
A prudent mariner chooses his anchorage carefully. If I can't set my Anchor something else is up.. Bad holding Ground. I will find another spot.
If there is a possibality of a wind or tide change I will set another anchor or anchors accordingly. I will never Trust any anchor to do my job.
I have never had any trouble setting my CQR. So why change! Im going to go out on the Bowsprit and apologize to my CQR.
Capt. Peter

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LOL... anchor topics are like talking about guns, religion or politics.
Gets people hot all over.
Seems to me that if a cqr was so bad, it would not be on most boats. Same goes for the Bruce. That doesn't mean the new guys are redundent. Just means that many happy satisfied customers with cqr's and bruces.
I have both. I have not dragged with a cqr before but then I confess to not having a lot of anchoring expirence. I like the manson supreme, and the rocna. I like the fortress. Heck I even like the Paul Luke. But truth is it has to fit your boat, your budget and your needs.
Pretty soon I will get more anchoring time with the cqr and bruce. And when its time to go out full time, we will reevaluate.

SV Sarah Claire blog...
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Try again in a couple of years and you will find more Manson Supremes and Rocnas and other new generation anchors as more folk upgrade. A lot of NZ cruisers are many years old and were built when the CQR was the industry standard, yes they work as well as they ever did but the new generation work so much better. I have dragged CQR's and CQR clones all over the place before they eventually "set" and have pulled them up in the middle of the night when they dragged on more occasions than I wish to remember. That stopped when I bought a 20KG Rocna I have dragged it only once when I anchored in a muddy soup, bad decision on my part, luckily it was only a lunch stop.
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CQR s and Bruces

While sailing my Hartley Tahitian 45 ferro-cement yacht of 28 tons, I used both CQR and Bruce anchors both of which set fast and well in all sorts of bottoms, neither dragging even during some pretty hearty blows. I suppose it's all about making 100% sure that your yacht is well secured before leaving her to go ashore.The amount of yachts we had to 'rescue' in Charlotteville, Tobago, is laughable. The worst case of 'anchoring' was the laying out of 5 metres of chain in 10 metres of water.
Arguing with a fool is two fools arguing
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Old 22-01-2010, 03:11   #5
Don't ask if you can't handle it
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"laying out of 5 metres of chain in 10 metres of water."

This is funny but I hope you posted it wrong. I would hate to think that anyone is so dumb as to use a -2 scope where the anchor isn't even reaching the bottom.
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Location: Knysna, South Africa
Boat: Sadler 26
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5 metres of chain in 10 metres of water. Their yacht was floating around the bay for about an hour before we noticed this strange sight. No one on board!! They had gone shopping. They were quite sheepish and extremely grateful on their return. I think we finished off a bottle of their whiskey with snacks that evening.
Arguing with a fool is two fools arguing
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Funny thing I've never seen an anchor that physically failed, I know it happens but I've just never seen it. But never a week goes by during sailing season that I don't see multiple boats dragging around an anchorage in a squall. And yes, most people were we sail have a CQR or/and a Bruce on their boats.
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CQR anchors works great in many different bottoms but some bottoms they do not work in. The advantage of the new generation anchors is that they will set in many bottom conditions that a CQR would not opening up more anchorages as possibilities.

One thing that I have never liked is wind shifts or current changes in the middle of the night. If you anchor takes a lot of work to get to set the first time, the chances of it resetting when the wind shifts before you hit something are not that great. I have chased down several dragging boats in anchorages and it is shocking how quickly they travel toward other boats and the shore often only giving a minute or so to react.

If you repeatedly use the same anchorages and you know that they have good holding bottom for a CQR, then there is not a good reason to switch. For people who have tried to anchor in places with a bottom that isn't compatible with the CQR, they understand why they should switch.
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Had a CQR as the primary, switched to a Rocna. Glad I did, it is a far better all around use anchor. Still have the CQR as a secondary, as well as a Danforth.

Intentional Drifter

Observations are gold; hypotheses, silver; and conclusions, bronze.

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CQR is tried and true for about the past 40 years for sure. Things may change but it will be years before the chechakos (newcomers) are truely proven as worthy.... much less better. Not that they wont eventually!
I'm not sure I agree with your assessment that strength is the most important feature in an anchor though... after all... it is attached to t he boat with about a 3/8" piece of steel!
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We sailed into Boquerone, PR. It was a very quiet trip across the Mona Passage, but the anticipation was stressful. We cleared customs and immigration, then stayed on the boat for another day, being just a little uneasy in the anchorage. We were on a Crealock 37, with a 35# CQR, with 5/16 hi-tensile chain. I believe more scope is better. After waiting for two days, we decided to do laundry, and left the boat for a couple of hours. When we came back, the boat was gone. Panic set in, then we saw her on the horizon. Another cruiser saw what was going on, and took us out in his faster dinghy, all the time telling me everything I had done wrong. Not enough scope, didn't back down on the anchor, no snubber... When we got to the boat I fired up the engine, and with our new aquaintance watching, brought in the chain. It kept coming and coming. He finally admitted that we had a good amount of chain out, and there was a snubber. When the CQR finally came to the surface, there was the head of a mop on the anchor.

It was the only time in 10 years that the boat had dragged, other than not setting the first or second set, when we were in an anchrage with a difficult bottom.

The story made it along the Coconut Telegraph, and we had to live with the ribbing for a couple of years.

I had/have complete confidence in the CQR, with a Bruce as a second anchor, and a Fortress as the third backup, which was also used when we had to put an anchor off the quater to keep the bow into the waves.

sv Keep on Dancin'/keep on mopping
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Somehow, Rocna has been designed in NZ without much respect for the fact that 85% percent of cruisers elect CQR.

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I have a 45lb genuine CQR I would LOVE to have one of you CQR lovers take off my hands...I can offer ya a sweet deal too!

Here's to swimmin' with bowlegged women!
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Hi Barnakiel, you will find that almost of the 85%? of cruisers had their CQR type anchors before the new generation anchors came on the market. A lot of folk only know you need an anchor and are not even aware that there are many differing factors in what may be a good anchor or not. A lot of these "cruisers" (motor especially) are in use on the water for less than 6 weeks out of the year. The CQR is an acceptable anchor, I have used them for many years, mostly successfully, in as much when they didn't hold I tried again until I was satisfied that it was secure. In the Med we used to dive on the anchor (CQR) to confirm that it was dug in. As seamen are basically conservative people (read all the anchoring threads) it takes time for new approaches to be accepted. Who was around when CQR or the Danforth was the new kid on the block and the fishermans anchor was the most popular chain holder in use. I get great satisfaction every time I use my Rocna as experience has shown it to give mere reliable holding than any other anchor in most types of bottom, good holding = a more relaxed time = a better nights sleep = pleasant cruising.
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I have a CQR, only because it came with the boat when I bought it. Many boaters are in the same position. I am sure it was a good choice in 1992. Not today. Rocna anchors generate enthusiasm because they work better than older designs. If you had one, you would understand.

Please do not anchor upwind of me.

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