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NauticEd or RYA?

Anyone have any thoughts on these two agencies?

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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

never heard of naughtyed but rya internationally recognised.

my catamaran building project updates
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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

NauticED (link) is an online learning course. I've taken a few of their classes and I highly recommend it for furthering your sailing knowledge and supplementing other classes you may be taking. It is not, however, a good substitute for the Hands On Experience you get durring RYA (or ASA) classes.

If it was up to an online or home study RYA class vs. NauticED I would choose NauticED everytime unless I was working towards a specific RYA certification.

So basically, they are two very different types of classes. NauticED is a great place to start (it's cheap) or for anytime you want some home study practice, it's quite excellent. But it just doesn't get you out on a boat....
RYA is (from what I understand, I'm assuming it's similar to ASA) actually out on a boat and learning from an instructor.
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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

RYA has shore-based, on-board and correspondence courses. If I recall correctly, course levels run through: Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Yachtmaster, Yachtmaster Offshore, and Yachtmaster Instructor. It is well thought out and internationally recognized.

In addition, crews for offshore races need a Radio Operators License, Survival at Sea Certificate, and a First Aid Certificate. That is the crew overall, not each individual!

I don't know anything about NauticED.

What exactly are you looking to achieve? That might help us give you more specific advice.
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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

Hey Muskoka and Drivemecrazy,
I am trying to get myself certified offshore. I live in Shanghai, so the water component in Thailand is close for me. I think each program has the water certification requirements, but DMcrazy made sense with the easy access and ease of courses in NauticEd. I did some sailing at RHYC...are you still in HK?
Also raced in Muskoka back in the day on the Albacores.
Thanks guys.
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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

I used IYT. They have a program very smilar to RYA but push the professional aspect of the training so the insurance gus like it.


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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

This is Grant Headifen - educational director for NauticEd. Thanks for the compliments. Just to ensure the story is straight - yes all our theory lessons are online and use interactive teaching animations and technology. As a gift to all sailors we created the basic sail trim course free for everyone. It can be seen on the NauticEd website first link on the left side.

We also do practical lessons and have several schools around the world using our digital system. Our 2 flagships in in Annapolis and in Thailand and soon to be opening one on Tortola. Instructors, once they have done the practical lessons, login and digitally mark the students logbook with the practical proficiency stamp.

Our certification is recognized world wide by Charter companies such as The Moorings, Sunsail, Kiriacoulis, Dream Yacht Charters, BVI Yacht Charters, Annapolis Bay Charters etc.

The certification is based on Practical experience and theory courses. IE we are no just an online sailing school. We just deliver our content via digital methods.

RYA is also an excellent sailing certification and we as a company respect very much what RYA has done.

This wasn't intended to be an advertisement - just wanted to set the story straight on the comments and compliments above.

Grant Headifen
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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

Full disclosure, I am a very satisfied customer of "" (up through their BB skipper course). I have also been a very satisfied customer of Nautilus Sailing (through ASA103) which is 'onboard' sailing. I don't have experience with, but I would expect the same for an RYA and probably other's.

The point is the distinct difference between the two approaches, regardless of which agency & presenter. The on-line, web based course is obviously an academic approach - the study material, by it's nature, is "book learning", but there sure is plenty of sailing education content that deserves deep study (let me work out that COG thing again, the current was doing what...).

The other, of course, is "come aboard and let's get sailing, with the "lesson plan" is more of a learn by doing, even though it is still a prescribed content that must be mastered. Obviously, a hands on experience is mandatory - however it is obtained. Of course, many sailors learning this way exclusively. Now is seems like most schools are offering both options, great.

So I wanted to compliment the outstanding job that, IMHO, NauticEd has done with their use of the web "technology", e.g. web based multi-media capabilities, into the effective lesson development. Again, full disclosure, I'm not only a happy customer, but a history of engineering training program development, I'm in a position to compliment their effective use of the medium.

I almost forgot to compliment their cost effectiveness. Did I mention I'm 'cheap', oh wait, I'm a sailor, to add that I'm also, ah ... 'frugal', seem redundant (LOL). But I found progressing through their courses very economical. I'm sure the same is true of the other e-courses, by their nature. But I'm just saying, it's very effective sailing training investment, a lot of "bang for the buck". And they are clear that the student must sally forth into some on-board environment, and the skipper or cremate must validate the students participation in a sail, and the presumed "putting into practice". A (an "ICC" agency) certificate is then issued as appropriate which, as Grant indicated earlier, is widely recognized.

But the best way to make a case is to point out they have two of their course modules (Sail Trim & Navigations Rules) provided for free, no obligation, just to share their programs with prospective students. So for barely an hour investment, anyone can see what they've got going at no obligation, and see if my compliments are in line with your experience. (at Sailing Courses from NauticEd)
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pirate Re: NauticEd or RYA?

One is the British/EU way.. the other is the US of A way... depends which waters you'll be sailing

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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

Been using NauticEd as a refresher, sailed some 25 years ago and needed an update, specially with all the electronics our days
In our case, NauticEd is great as we can apply the theory learned during our weekend cruising and it works well, but you need your own boat of course
However if you are not the confident type and need hands on tuition, then obviously either RYA or NauticEd actual sailing would be better for you
Also UK or USA does not make any difference in my opinion when it comes to learning, a bit like saying if I learned flying in the UK I would not know how to fly in the US... simply different rules but the basic is still the same
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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

Originally Posted by muskoka View Post
RYA has shore-based, on-board and correspondence courses. If I recall correctly, course levels run through: Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Yachtmaster, Yachtmaster Offshore, and Yachtmaster Instructor.
Close, but not quite. A few gentle corrections:

The progression in the RYA cruising scheme is as displayed below.

As you will see, Coastal Skipper is the highest-level RYA afloat course.

There are three levels of YM (Coastal, Offshore and Ocean), but they are not courses. Rather, they are achieved by practical examination (Coastal and Offshore) or a combination of written and oral examinations (Ocean).

YM Instructor is an endorsement to the YM Offshore or YM Ocean certificate, rather than a course or stand-alone credential.

There is essentially no difference between the shore-based (classroom) and correspondence /on-line courses: it's just a matter of delivery.

Here are a few general comments that I hope may be helpful:

(1) I know essentially nothing about NauticEd; but a Sail Canada instructor who I respect very much switched over to their scheme several years ago, and he and his students seem very pleased.

(2) the RYA scheme is very flexible in that it allows people to enter at any level, without first completing any prerequisites. Even the YM examinations may be challenged without first taking any RYA courses; you just need practical sailing and skippering experience. Other schemes (e.g., IYT) require you to complete their entire programme, regardless of past experience or education. There are arguments in favour of both approaches.

(3) RYA differs from North American sail training schemes like US Sailing, Sail Canada, ASA, etc. by placing less emphasis on written test questions and more on skills demonstration. Also, tidal calculations form a much, much larger part of RYA Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper courses than their North American equivalents.

(4) most sail training courses are aimed at recreational sailors and while their course completion certificates may be helpful in bareboat chartering, they otherwise have no legal status. RYA Yachtmaster certificates are sanctioned by the UK's Maritime and Coastal Agency (MCA) and may be endorsed for usage on small commercial vessels. The IYT Master of Yachts certificates are also sanctioned by the MCA and are valid for small vessel commercial usage (they don't need to be endorsed because the IYT scheme requires STCW basic safety training and an ENG1 medical, which are optional under the RYA scheme). Frankly, this distinction is nice but will probably be irrelevant for most folks who are employed and have no intention of sailing for a living.

(5) while most of us have at least a slight prejudice in favour of the scheme that we learned or instruct under, I think we can all agree that any education is better than none. None of the schemes are perfect, but all have something to offer.
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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

I had good experience with NauticEd
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NauticEd or RYA?

Ive studied both....RYA - hands down. NautiEd has done a great job with its written theory but there is no formal practical training which is a huge limitation for sailing. The RYA scheme is a combination of theory and practical, internationally recognised for its competency.
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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

I have used NauticED as a novice. Very good for keeping my novice knowledge in shape during the off season. Taking their lessons made me realize how much more I know than I thought I did and how much I need to learn. Good stuff and its fun.
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Re: NauticEd or RYA?

I have enjoyed the NauticEd courses that I have taken so far. The day to day stuff keeps getting in the way. Lol

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