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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs ?

Looks like I was missing something. Thanks for the update, as I just emailed the family of Three @ Sea who are in a 43' trawler of the low prices. I'll have to send an follow-up email with your info of the hassles of getting fuel there.

USCG Unlimited Tonnage Open Ocean (CMA)
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs ?

Originally Posted by u4ea32 View Post
A year ago I was in Antigua and was talking to a crew that went to Venezuela to fill up. While the supposed fuel cost was something crazy cheap like $0.18, the fees (bribes) required to actually get in, fuel, and out safely again drove the cost up to about $2 a gallon. And since they had to drive all the way there and back, that drove the effective price up to about $3 a gallon, and wasted a lot of time (of people and engines and all the other wear and tear). This was an 80 footer, and they bought several thousand gallons.

Two blogs I've read pointed out that they went there for cheap fuel, but the risk of piracy made the adventure one to be missed, not taken. Sounded scary to me! Fuel is a lot less valuable than your life.

There are a lot of people who do this sort of thing -- buy where its cheap -- and so it can be an effective strategy. I'm just pointing out its not as wonderful a situation as it sounds. And you really can't get the fuel anywhere near as cheap as "they say."
So, they had to pay several thousand dollars in bribes? Wow. Even through the Suez it's only hundreds of dollars.

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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs

I have a 33 ft semi displacement hull working at displacement speeds and find it economical particularly with good tide planning when at sea. With a draft of only 4' it also allows me to cruise the whole of the European canal system. The space and comfort advantage of a motor cruiser for living aboard is appreciated by mon Cherie.
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs

Thats kinda funny Ive bought diesel in both Columbia and Venezuela, of course I was buying 2 or 3 hundred Gals, never had to pay any bribes!! maybe to large buyers things are different ?? last yr we paid 22 cents a gal in Coloumbia. just my 2 cents Bob and Connie
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs ?

Originally Posted by David M View Post
I think it's great this country has both. Relatively inexpensive fuel and the wealth and technology to save energy if we choose to.
Not to mention lots of oil still in the ground.
"I have never understood why it is "greed" to want to keep the money you have earned,
but not greed to want to take somebody else's money"

-Thomas Sowell
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs ?

I come from Illinois, got snow tires for your 125cc scooter?
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Motorsailers, Motor Sailer

I wrote this years ago, and perhaps this new fuel world will really bring this boat concept back into the mainstream

"We don't hear much of motorsailers these days. They're not a popular subject. Traditional motorsailers have always been such a compromise, they have fallen into disfavor in the market, and in the boating literature. The term has even had negative connotations for several decades now. Should not today's boats be faster and better with new materials, light marine diesels, and better shapes? Should not this be the sensible alternative, the common sense move up from the beloved family sailboat? When trawler options are discussed, suggestions of boredom arise. A lifetime of sail would be discarded, and what happens when the motor quits? Well, hopefully it won't quit, but one can always sail home in a boat with sails on it. For truly long-range cruising and/or remote exploration, the motorsailer can outshine both the sailing aux and the trawler types."

...more here
Motor/Sailer Design Expedition Yacht

.....or how about this wonderful monohull motorsailer design by Rhodes
Motor Sailers by Philip Rhodes & John Alden - Page 6 - YachtForums.Com

Motor Sailers by Philip Rhodes & John Alden - YachtForums.Com

Brian Eiland
distinctive exploration yachts
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Wink Re: Motorsailers, Motor Sailer

Originally Posted by beiland View Post
As long as there is wind ... better knock on wood
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Originally Posted by Tigerspud
I come from Illinois, got snow tires for your 125cc scooter?
Yes they have them here in Sweden. They also have winter tires for your bicycle
S/Y Jessabbé
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs

Originally Posted by sdowney717 View Post
An argument against power boats as being reasonable.
have you thought about this way. My boat has a 300 gallon tank.
If it cost $4 to fill up that is $1200.

If I filled the tank a hundred times that will cost $120,000

I have easily filled my car tank many more times than a hundred.

Power boating well I see very few boats on the water today. Most of the boats at the marina just sit there. How was boating back in the 1960's as far as the number of boats on the water? That was when fuel was considered cheap before the Arab oil embargo.

I'm with you brother. I am just as frustrated as you when it comes to fuel cost, but think about the figures you posted: 300 x 100 = 30,000 gallons of fuel. In what time-frame: one year; five years; ten years? Is this really a feasible figure for the average powerboat calculated for the near term? Maybe for you, but not in my world. I'm underway a lot to and from the Bahamas, and I own three powerboats, 52' (1100 gal), 42' (350 gal), and 17' respectively.

Comparing apples to oranges: A person who smokes a pack a day is spending $1825.00 per year on cigarettes (is it 5.00 a pack?), or $18,250.00 every ten years. I don't smoke, and at $1825.00 per year I'm glad I don't, however, I spend at least that much on my Harley each year. Habits cost money, and boats can be a habit. In all due respect, most of us choose our poison. I feel that if it is hurting you in the pocket too much, then one has to find a new habit. I doubt that I can quit boats, so I cut back here and there to ease the pain.

For me, the cure to minimizing sticker shock at the pump is to fill up well before I'm empty. Either way, it hurts. Powerboats aren't for everyone (and I respect those who prefer sail as the primary propulsion) but if you think people aren't using their boats, come on down to Fort Lauderdale. This past Saturday I went out for a cruise, and then turned around and went home because there were way too many weekend boaters for my taste. I thought the high winds would keep them in. Nope.

Its the same in Bimini...there are large numbers of Florida based triple and quad outboard boats tooling around there (and I do mean "tooling" around). I watch them fill up with 200 and 300 or more gallons at $6.15 a gallon before they head back to Miami or wherever. Sure, it wasn't like that in the '60s, but I don't see how that has a bearing on the matter.

I can say one thing about paying $6.00 per gallon for diesel in the Bahamas: It makes paying $3.50 or $4.00 stateside seem like a gift.

By the way, hello again CF, back after a long break.


Dave K
Daring Game
Ft Laud FL
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs

Well here in the UK diesel is currently us$ 2.30 per liter, bloody ridiculous and mostly tax, I just wonder how far they can push it before the people say enough! I would hate to be running a large powerboat with todays prices!

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then my keyboard must be a nuclear missile!
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs

My 14-ton motorboat burns fuel at about the rate of an economy car. It just doesn't go as fast.

I see a lot more motorboats and sailboats motoring than I do boats sailing.
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs

Originally Posted by markpierce View Post
My 14-ton motorboat burns fuel at about the rate of an economy car. It just doesn't go as fast.

I see a lot more motorboats and sailboats motoring than I do boats sailing.
What is your fuel burn? i have been researching economical power boats in the US with a view to a great loop trip and can only find one that gets better than 10mpg, just one, (Albin 25 trawler with 20-30hp diesel) and even that is only at about gas guzzler pickup truck economy, certainly nowhere near economy car levels. The loop is potentially 7000 miles so @ 10mpg thats 700 gal@ $4 thats $2800. To me thats acceptable for a once in a lifetime trip. However a more typical 32-36ft trawler with a single 120hp diesel which a lot of folks think are economical only gets about 4mpg and would cost about $7000 for the same trip, way to much for me. I want a 20mpg powerboat.
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs

Think positive: when fuel is so expensive that the commercial fishing and cargo boats cant operate due to no return on investment or cost of shipping exceeds the material value, we can pick up the slack. I can load alot of seasoning and spices on board and run the coast line and islands. We've only needed fuel in the past 100 years, and we as a race have been taking to the seas for a great long while.
"Can't run from the wind, all you can do is trim your sails and deal with it"
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Re: Outrageous Fuel Costs

Having boats sit unused on their moorings has nothing to do with fuel prices. It was ever thus.

Back in the 60's I was a little boy rowing all over the local bay. I knew every boat and most were never or rarely used. Power or sail made no difference. Maybe 10% of them went out regularly.

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