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Having had to man a booth at conventions and boat shows (years ago) is the most mind-numbing....foot killing experience known to man.....I would rather have my wisdom teeth reinstalled and pulled again.

I did have an experience three years ago with a boat in Annapolis...emergency call on Boatshow weekend.....the owner found me a parking spot....and held it hostage till I got there......I'll never forget the sight when I pulled older guy with his arms crossed....standing in the middle of the space.....

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I tip my hat to them as well...I paid my dues for several years manning a Ski Resorts booth at showing of Warren Millers Ski movies... It is fun talking with people but the same sales pitch over and over was a brain killer.

"Go simple, go large!".

Relationships are everything to me...everything else in life is just a tool to enhance them.
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If you are skipping boat shows because you know you ahve what you want, you are missing out on a really fun day. You get to look at lots of nice boats, breathe the clean air, and play with lots of sailing do dads. I always come away with at leasts one good idea on something that I can improve on our boat. And if we ever do change boats, we will have a much better idea on what things we want to look for.

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Interesting responses- and from the looks of it I am either normal or a cad or just plain stupid for not going. I'm OK with that. If I wasn't here in the Northwest, I think I could talk to Tellie. And I think there are probably great people at trade shows. Perhaps I am just a little antisocial. Yeah, I am OK with that too.
A few have brought up the point that I am and will always be a consumer. By the strict definition of the word that is true. I breath, I eat and I buy things (to a degree) that make life easier. What I was trying to say was I try not to buy anything that I do not need...and going to a boat show will cause me to come home with things I do not need, and eat and drink things that we make me sick.
Oh yeah (i can hear my friends say) that is just having fun! At 50 something I am done with that type of fun. Give me the fog at dawn with a few friends and family.
This is my Declaration of Independence. I don't need lots of material things- and what I do need I will track down and bother the sales person till he gets it out of the back.
For some reason oil coolers for a Westerbeke 107 don't show up at trade shows....
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We went to the Boat Show here in Seattle over the weekend, our first boat show ever. I was impressed, it was MUCH bigger than I imagined and they have something for everyone (but sadly much more for powerboaters, skiers, and fishing than sailing). I went to get info and pricing on some electrical components. I struck out there (most salesmen I talked to didn't know any more than I did, which isn't saying much), but did get some great info on the dimensions for some other mods I want to do, and I got to pick up 2 sensibulbs to try out (nice!).

Of course, we had to go check out the latest and greatest sailboats. But we were surprised....we found that we really liked our boat more than almost all the other boats that we checked out there (we didn't go on the Oyster fifty footer though). The one exception we both liked was the sole multi- the Lagoon 400! Maybe we'll get one in 10 years when the kids get bigger.

All in all, it was fun to go, but in the future I might just go for the seminars and to walk the vendors' booths. I guess if you have a boat you love, looking at other ones is kinda pointless!
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Did any one else find it ironic that on a thread about not being a consumer the very first response tries to sell him on a magazine subscription?

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I can honestly say that I have never been to a boat show, but I do like to check out new boats whenever I can. I don't go looking for a replacement of the one I have, but I go looking for new ideas. Maybe I like the way that the nav station is layed out on this one, or I never thought of putting that other thing on the stern rail, etc.

I like to benefit from other people's creativity in achieving the same goals with getting all the gear we like on our boats.
Some people are like a slinky...

Not really good for anything, but fun to push down the stairs.
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A list of a few things I've bought at the boat show over the years.

1) Introduced to Resuce tape and bought some each year
2) First clamp tite tool
3) Sail ties .50 each
4) Two pressure cookers (Wife came to that show)
5) Signed copy of Madien Voyage for my daughter
6) A second larger Clamp tite tool (love these things)
7) A few Harken blocks at 50% off
8) A new 12V SS refrigeration unit from Sea Frost (Nice people to deal with)
9) Sea Tow membership
10) Air Line Hookah at 30% off
11) Two over priced Arepas
12) A Beer
13) Two 110 watt solar panels and a MPPT controller from Four Winds
14) Yards of tickets for the Latts and Atts party drawings.
15) Extra boat hooks
16) Charles Kanters book on Catamarans
17) Corrine Kanters KISS book (The wife again)

The wife and I always had a lot of fun at the shows. We liked to go mostly for the seminars. We Could listen to Pam Walls seminars over and over and never tire of them.
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Just went to my first boat show last month and enjoyed every second of it.
Every where I looked was boat stuff and boat people....whats not to like about that!
I did go on the big Oyster and several other boats looking for ideas and also to verify that what I was doing on my refit did make sense (OK, were not talking cost here).
I spent less than 200 Pounds all in all on various bits and pieces...not counting beer!
I had the pleasure of meeting some of our forum members....playing with all the buttons of the electronic stuff...looking at how bright various types of lights are...and generally wallowing in all things BOAT.
I cant wait to go to another.
S/V Arctic Lady
I love my boat, I can't afford not to!
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Right after we bought our Coronado 25 we went to the Annapolis boat show. Kahtleen's eyes were all aglitter at the shiney big boats, all the neat toys and everything. She had her replacement for our first boat, that we had owned for less than a month, already picked out. Outbound 40.

Last year we bought a Bristol 35. We went to the Annapolis boat show again. She didn't want to climb on any of the boats there (well, there was one she did wanted on but they wouldn't let her. A 74 foot catamaran. It was a private party for a magazine. She wanted to see how big it was inside) She said out boat, even with its cosmetic flaws and work still needing done, was prettier and more interesting than anything at the show.

We did look at some stuff but nothing that really excited us enough to buy it. But we did have a nice walk around, and got to look at and talk boats, so it wasn't like it was a wasted day.

My only problem with that show is they hold it on my birthday weekend and it just seems like there are more important things to do, but I do enjoy having a look.
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Originally Posted by Stillraining View Post
Im with ya there Newt...I have never been to a boat show..and see no reason to change now...I have never enjoyed taunting myself with things I cant afford...Only ever been to one car show... it didn't do anything for me either.

Ya sure I pass a cool boat in the yard or on the dock and go Wow! nice boat wonder what she looks like below like every body else does...but that's about it.

OK sure I have a couple dream boats ..but they ain't new either.

OK OK.... Id be happy just for a ride..
I have a friend who was crew on board and she is as awsome as she looks. 12 knts in any direction!
Life Jackets Jim
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I get Newt's point and I think in the end we would all identify ourselves more as sailors than consumers. I take more pleasure these days in what I don't spend than what I do and what I can do myself rather than have someone do. Having said that... as long as I can still "feed the baby" and make slip fees I still like the rush of being able to solve a boat problem in one swell foop by slapping a big chunk of cash down on some more sexy boat kip... yahooo!

I have worked a lot of retail in the outdoors industry and the thing that makes it worthwhile is not the money as much as it is the chance to yap it up with other folks who share an interest and share excitement over the cool gear, buy it or not... spent a lot more time with non-buyers than I have with buyers ( a testament to my lousy selling skills!!) and either way is fine with me. Toys is just toys though and nothing beats being on the water eh?
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Originally Posted by Tellie View Post
Pretty accurate post Jmolan.
Working boats shows is like becoming a school teacher to get rich, it just doesn't make sense. I remember well being on the customer side of the booth. The majority of the people we get stopping by and willing to talk are really fun to meet and get to know. It's really a lot of fun even though you are right it is hard work. Stepping behind a boat show booth doesn't transform me from the cruiser I am, like everybody else, into the greedy sell you anything any everything you don't need slimball. Sure there are always those few people at every show both vendors and tire kickers. But I learned long ago to smile anyway. If you really want to get to know who the vendors are and what type of folks they really are, instead of fighting the parking lot crowd to get out, stick around after the show closes. We have a blast! Miami shows next week. Stop by and I'll prove it.
We just were in Miami for the boat show. It was our first show and I was a little disappointed the the Strictly Sail portion seemed so small. I wish we would have joined this forum before then...we would've loved to stop by. Where were you in the show?
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Being involved in project management for new build +50m custom yachts… About 5 Boat Shows annually, were part of my scheduling to pick up the latest developments and get hands on feel with the equipment.

Luckily all the big shows in the US and Europe had trade days and special passes for this level of consumption, otherwise I could never have met my goals. It was hard work!

One trick I found was to also go to the Commercial Boat Shows”…. Fish Expo…etc.

The main reason is that the manufacturers always brought along their service engineers and managers to answer key operating questions for the commercial customer.

These service guys were a wealth of knowledge about their equipment and usually very honest about the repair problems they have had…. even to the point of saying their latest model was a lemon and better to stick with the old one.

It was at those shows that I usually made my final decisions on equipment and installation.
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I have been going to boat shows for over 40 years, as a shopper and as a vendor. I really enjoy either side of the table. I always learn something I did not know, either way. Do I try to sell stuff? Yes, I am being paid to do so. I have worked power/fishing boat shows and sold boats. IMHO, some of the folks that were buying those boats should have spent their money at their dentist or... I was often amused by the credit apps that I wrote up for a guy who wanted a $50K fishing boat, but earned less than that annually.
I enjoyed the sailboat shows more as the buyers were much more knowedgeable and usually more pleasant. When on commission, I much prefer the powerboaters as they are less frugal than sailors.
Life is good!

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