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Originally Posted by maxingout View Post
As you head to Gibraltar, you will see weird currents in the water. In that area of the Med, I saw currents welling up that reminded me of the strange currents in the shallow water around Fiji. In the distance of 100 meters I could see water flowing first in one direction, and then in another. I wondered what was going on in the deep water. It must have been disturbed currents coming through the Straits of Gibraltar. There's lots going on in that area, and if you are singlehanding you might consider making a series of shorter hops if that is possible. I think singlehanding out in the Atlantic is easier and safer. Less current, less shipping, and weather is more stable.
Actually, the Straits aint too bad provided the Levanter or its opposite, the Estraponiente (sp) arent blowing too hand. Look for the very obvious "Levanter Cloud" blowing off the top of the Rock. Use the Admiralty pilot and the latest admiralty charts have a lot of current information on them. Shipping is heavy but the traffic lanes are well defined and there is stacks of room to be outside of them on both the African and the European side. Get the timing right and you can work the currents advantageously. If doing it at night - you'll find the spanish fishing fleets a right pain the *#rse (unless of course they're on strike AGAIN). Tony

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You know, MarkJ, if you had purchased a catamaran, this would never have happened.

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Originally Posted by ty.gregory View Post
You know, MarkJ, if you had purchased a catamaran, this would never have happened.

You'd both still be together.

on an upturned hull somewhere in the Indian Ocean
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Hey Mark... do'nt fret about going solo.. like most things the thought is scarier than the reality.
Just plan for plenty of sea room when you need to get your head down and light the boat up well... heave to and Bob's yer Uncle. If your near the coast just set an alarm for every 1 or 2 hrs so's you can change tack... depending on winds and tides... the 2nd being of little consequence in the
As for Gib and the Straits... no worries once again... getting outa the Meds a lot easier than getting in.
If you stay close to the coast from Malaga on down you'll have few occasions when the wind is a problem... usually its the lack of it more than the excess.. if when you get to Gib its blowing a W'stly just tuck in tight and scoot round Europa Point and then its an easy run up to Gib harbor or on to the anchorage just past the runway on La Linea side... sheltered with good holding in about 3metres while you wait for an E'stly.
The wind starts getting stronger as you approach Tarifa but it only lasts as far as Cape Trafalgar then starts petering out... odds are you'll be under engine by the time your level with Cadiz.... total stress time.. if any.. around 4-8hrs...
Sorry to hear about the split... but sounds like its not acrimonious so all is not lost...
As for crew, be careful... a friend picked up a couple in Gib last year for the 'Crossing' as he did not feel confident solo... all went well till the Canaries.
He got back from a day trip to find the crew gone along with everyting of any value on the boat.... he was not a happy chappie....

Born To Be Wild
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OK well as an erstwhile follower of your adventures and a laugher at Marks various jokes on the forum I'd like too offer my heartfelt condolences. Thought you two looked really happy together and really sorry to hear you're going your separate ways for a while but best of luck to both of you and I'm glad too hear you're gonna keep on sailing mark. I would highly advise you spend some quality time with yourself (underwear karaoke sessions are always spirit raising) and the nearest nightclub in the near future.

Er seriously dude, try going out. Have some fun, dance/flirt live it up a bit mate, I can understand you wanting too take a break from all that stuff but main thing is too go out and have a good time, won't hurt too at least smile at a few other women along the way too start the getting over process going.
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Welll...I have had a similar experience.....not as long lived...but intense just the same...wonderful woman...had sailed from Rio to Capetown, farms in Yorkshire and travels to Kenya for a charity...we got on like a house on fire...6 1/2 weeks cruising in the Pacific Vavau to Lautoka, Yasawa Is then on to Vila...and she left ... had to...due to commitments at i miss her ... she would make coffee at 3 am for watch changes no problem in 30 knots seas 5 m....adjust the wind vane, reef the main, helm when needed.....and during the day, make lunch, lounge around in (or out) her bikini....gorgeous..and she was 59 !! ... it's so lonely without her...
See you out there ....... Alan S.V. Elyse
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Didn't come across this thread until now and naturally I'd like to join in the choir of 'sorry for-chin-up etcetera'.

Happens to all (?) of us and the only sound piece of good advice I can come up wiht is: don't stress it! It takes time to heal, and it needs all the time it can have to heal... Go slow, think, and try get in deeper touch with your inner self, first it hurts, then you'll heal.

I must say I am amazed that no one has suggested Mark to get himself a new generation anchor by now...

Don't hijack the thread!
Do it today-tomorrow it could be too late!
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What I don't understand is; he buys a boat and sails it 3/4 of the way around the the world instead of just sailing a 1/4, to arrive on the continent which gave the world real and by far the best beers. Does a pitstop in Turkey, tops up the water tanks in Greece, buys some cheese in France and is now legging back to the land of synthetic larger and big Macs

An Ozzie wouldn't do that

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Hey Mark,
Being recently divorced, I can honestly say that going out, flirting with, and hooking up with, beautiful women that enjoy your company and WANT to be with you (even if only for an evening ), does wonders for the spirit and confidence!!!
Keep your head, up and know that many, many of us are going through a somewhat similar shakedown and reorganization of our own lives'.
Good luck, stay strong, embrace every day and keep following your dreams/heart!
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When I read this post I felt bad. And then I realized I'd actually read your blog "Our Life at Sea," and I felt worse. Pardon me for saying this but, Holy Crap!
I must say, the way you're handling this situation is highly admirable. Period.
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Originally Posted by zopi View Post
Mark, I don't know you from Adam, but if you don't mind some advice, Being alone after a split, is not really all that healthy in most cases, not saying you should be looking for a love intrest or something, but maybe someone to share the lonely miles...going solo when you are fresh and prepared is one thing, but doing it off the cuff and in rough shape is another...

Just my humble .02$

Hope you are ok, mate.
This x10.......million.
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Originally Posted by GordMay View Post
Sounds like an interesting fellow.
Noel Edmonds - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
As a moderator - you should know better than to commit such blasphemy. I followed your link and found this:

"it is thought that he was the less talented, unloved brother of almighty God"

Noel Edmunds is not, I repeat, NOT less talented than God.

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Originally Posted by Saucy Sailoress View Post
1. As a moderator ...
2... Noel Edmunds is not, I repeat, NOT less talented than God.
1. I'm NOT a moderator (I'm retired).
2. Oh.
Gord May
"If you didn't have the time or money to do it right in the first place, when will you get the time/$ to fix it?"

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Weird to see this thread still going!!

OK, I just anchored in the Canaries where I will be till heading to the Caribbean after the Hurricane season ends.

The passage (with one short break) was from Nice, France, about 1,500 nms.
A good run for a first solo trip.

It sure was long enough! Plenty of calms and not much wind and some really strong bits too! That Gibralter bit got me at over 40 knots for the 4 hours that boatman61 suggested I'd get. Fortunately up the bum. Before that I was becalmed for 2 days in the approaches (Alborian Sea) watching Dave MaxingOut's current flows.
In the straits I saw neither the Rock of Gib or the Moroccan side as it was misty then night. Of course I got the tides exactly correct and then was becalmed for a whole tide so got the contray one! LOL

Med shipping was fine as I was well offshore. Gib was 'normal', but there was a fair bit more traffic well off the Moroccan coast than I thought there would be, but not enough to interrupt the beauty sleep.

As some people suggested, I did enjoy it by myself and felt a good level of relaxation after the first day or 2 (read: first squall or 2). However I am a gregarious person. I think I would like to do the Atlantic trip by myself because its a 'thing': you know: 'Trans-Atlantic Solo' fits into a CV sheet as a challenge completed by any person.

Now a few weeks of R&R and then looking forward to a very slow year next year pottering about the Caribbean.

Nicolle supplied me with weather SMS’d to the satellite phone daily.

She is doing fine, got a house in Brisbane, got a job with a big company, re-enrolled in University to complete her degree. She will take all those things she has learned from the boat and make them part of her background traits: commitment, tenacity, resilience, and most of all something thats lacking in this modern world and few women in 'normal life' exercise: courage.

It takes courage to do your watch in a storm, and to be on the helm alone at night off the coast of Somalia.

She’ll be fine

Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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Thats flamin poetry man!!!?

Keith, "But I was born very young and grew up knowing little of the world!"
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