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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

I find it amazing, no tragic, that since the Quest was 1st taken by these "poor mistreated people", that many posters seem to like to place blame on the crew for having<GASP> Bibles on board! Nowhere on their website does it say they were out to convert Muslims. Place blame where blame is due, on our PC correct world! These scumbags should have taken out years ago, but no, if only we can educate them,give them jobs, try to understand their feelings then maybe they will come to love us! Bull s**t! Until you have had many miles under your keel and experienced a potential hijacking of your vessel, only then you may understand that these pirates need to go the way of the wind, as in blown away. when the Dutch captured a few of them awhile back, they took their guns and GAVE them fuel for christsakes! This has got to stop along with placing blame on cruisers that are doing their best to stay out of trouble. Crap I was boarded by wanna be pirates at South island in the Coronados of all places! So where you travel there are always risks and you make make your best assessment of those risks and cruise on.
Ok rant over but please try to look at the whole geo-political picture instead of blaming innocents!
Lynn A. Stokes
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Reuter's Report - Note comment from Pirate regarding communications (Sat Phone?)
and order to kill Americans -
Pirates shoot dead four American hostages: U.S. military | Reuters
Now what? Captured Pirates brought to USA for trial & prison at considerable tax payer expense vs trial + execution at sea off the back of air craft carrier.
Prisons already full with those whose victims are long gone

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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

My condolences go out to the families of the victims. Being a US Navy veteran I used to work in combat support and worked with Navy Seals regularly. While they are the best in the world at what they do they can't win them all.

Let's support our armed forces and hope that one day they figure out a way to kill every pirate as they board their boats.

Barry D.
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Very sad.
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Originally Posted by PamlicoTraveler View Post
ROFL at Rolf...Don't know if you are serious, or trolling, but it sure seems like an unfair armchair criticism. They shadowed the vessel and sent in troops when the shooting started, at great danger I suspect.
I don't troll, and I agree there is great danger involved.

Per Somali pirates kill four Americans | World news |, "The military said US forces have been monitoring the Quest for about three days, since shortly after the pirate attack on Friday. Four navy warships were involved, including an aircraft carrier."

This is what irks me - four warships and three days. If it's me, please don't wait so long. I think I'll start adding such language to my itineraries.

I'm prior Air Force, and no one supports the US military more than I do. My perspective of this is that the Navy erred on the side of caution and it didn't help. From the reports I've read, people send hostage money and still don't get the hostages released for years.

I'll bug out of this thread now, I seem to be barking up the wrong tree. Not trying to be controversial, just stating my position the my reasoning.
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Originally Posted by svBeBe View Post
You are so very wrong! The Adams gave Bibles to people who asked for them --many schools. They never said a word about wanting to distribute Bibles to Muslims or trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. You are way off base.

S/V BeBe
I suspect the nuance you've presented was lost on the hostage takers. These people were seen for what they were - Christian missionaries.
Voyage of Symbiosis:
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

It's common knowledge that initiating an attack without
initial negotiations will much more often end, in this drastic result.

My sincere condolences to all the families and friends they have all over the world.

May they rest in peace.

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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Originally Posted by Rolf the Rotten View Post
This is what irks me - four warships and three days. If it's me, please don't wait so long. I think I'll start adding such language to my itineraries.
So you'd prefer to die in a blaze of glory in one day as opposed to living with pirate scum for 7 months before being returned to you loved ones like the overwhelming majority are? Fair enough. Your life, your choice. I dare say most would choose the other option though.
I'm On point, On task, On message, and Off drugs. A Streetwise Smart Bomb, Out of rehab and In denial. Over the Top, On the edge, Under the Radar, and In Control. Behind the 8 ball, Ahead of the Curve and I've got a Love Child who sends me Hate mail. - (George Carlin)
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Very sad day for their families and crusiers all. We can blame the crew for their choices be we were not part of that decision process so please don't condem them. I am sure they would change their plans given the same info you are now privy too. As for the Navy, we don't know all the facts of what when or how so to think they did a less than stellar job is an insult to all who have and do serve. I doubt there was a lot of high fives when the dust settled. All should use their anger, disgust and/or insight to lobby our government and others to take a more proactive role in this growing issue. It is not a matter of shoot first but when there are 20 "fishermen" in an open boat 200 miles off the coast with an assortment of AK's, RPG's etc they are not fishing! Seize the arms, point them home and track them. If they resist the boardings then they have chosen their the bottom. The international forces must become proactive, you simply can not be reactive with 19 foes on a 50' yacht. For those that insist on blaming the Navy, next time you have 19 passengers on your boat see how long it takes you to get to the beer.
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Lynne, we should place blame on our PC world??????????? So 'political correctness' caused the hijacking? Or are you referring to the measured response - ie, concerns over the lives of captives????? To some of us, that isn't merely politically correct, but rational (and compassionate about the victims, not the offenders).

"These scumbags should have been taken out years ago"???????? Do you mean before they were caught? Or perhaps before they actually committed piracy?

And Chuteman, yes those pirates who were captured will receive a trial. Sorry, but the cost of a trial is just one of the disadvantages you have to suffer for living in a civilized country. Of course, there are alternatives - Somalia, for example.


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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Rolf the Rotten, Negotiating gives a chance to save the hostages. What happened to the hostages was awful. What you suggest would have had the same results. To mount an all out attack on the boat would be criminally stupid. There were 4 hostages and 15 armed pirates below,limited access, plus not knowing where the hostages were being held would have assured the hostages would be killed. If it were me or my family I would rather have a chance at surviving.
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Very sad. Sounds like the Navy did all they could do. Let's just hope that we do not have to provide prison room and board and millions in free legal representation for the captured 13. Swift justice needs to take place. Let them swim back to Somalia.
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Just for the record:

Their site's been taken down, but you can still get a caches version via google. Anyway, they clearly state on the first page that they were involved in "friendship evangelism," which entails more than passively giving out bibles to people who ask for them, though they did that too.

This of course doesn't in any way excuse the pirates.
S/V Aurora
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

I am just so saddened by this. I wish the Navy Seals had had a chance to board the boat before shots were fired. Thanks to our Navy for being there and trying.

Originally Posted by svtadpole View Post
... lessons for any cruiser contemplating a suez transit ...
1. Avoid the area & consider the Cape Town route ...
I don't think this will help. I have seen a chart with all the attacks from the past years plotted, and it's clear that in the last year the area they are covering and attacking within extends south all the way to the end and past Madagascar, and east as far as the seychelles. Basically there's NO safe route, other that straight south from east of the seychelles and then west through the southern ocean. Is that safe? And the route the Blue Water group was planning shows just as many attacks as the route the Quest took. So what option was/is there.

I think cruisers will need to start considering doing their RTW in two parts, looping to the east and looping to the west, avoiding ht eIndian ocean entirely, until the situation in Somalia is taken care of.

Just my $.02.
M. Roark
s/v Baja Beagle

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana." -Groucho Marx
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Re: 'Quest' Crew Killed

Unfortunately we're talking about an area where the average wage is less than $2 per day, the fish stocks have been decimated by Japanese and Spanish trawlers and the health situation is poor due to the dumping of toxic waste there by the Swiss.

The EU goodie-goodies tried to help by providing a manual on boarding a ship to ask for taxes - they've just taken this to the extreme.

Whilst not condoning what the pirates have done, without some understanding of the background and how we deal with that, we'll never eradicate piracy there.

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