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I am reading an ok book right now, titled "Sea Change" It is an ecological thriller.

There is sediment by one of the characters, when discussing the future of the world. Essentially, he said that the world is resilient, and will survive despite whatever we do to it and the environment. What people really want when they state "Save the planet" is to save the planet as a place where humans, and few fuzzy creatures, can continue to live. So life will go on, but maybe not the life living here now.


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IMHO, regardless of the state of the individual species of iguana, the duly elected government of the Bahamas has decided that they need protection and enacted laws to do just that. It behooves a visitor to respect their rules when in their country. JMHO.

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I am a biologist, who works directly with endangered species, and find what Christian has to say refreshing, and quite correct. The rate at which species are becoming extinct is far greater than anything we have seen since the disappearance of the dinosaurs and large land mammals, a drop due to anthropogenic causes. Granted, I am not a herpetologist, more of a malacologist, but the basics are the same. We are overpopulated, there must be some population control, governments are unwilling to do anything about it (saw the woman who had 8 kids after the 6 recently?) pollution is out of control, and you shouldnt eat endangered species, or even bother them. We are screwing up things fast enough without the shoot, shovel, and shutup mentality. I could go on for a long time on this subject, but should be left for a bio forum, not sailing. Simply for sailing, dont eat animals that are protected, or there will likely be a government boot stuck up your butt, and a lot of hatefull looks from decent people who do care about our biodiversity. For me, cruising allows for the ability to see animals and plants I normally couldnt see in my home country. If you like fishing, diving, hiking, or anything other than sitting at a bar or country club, then you should give a damn about our biodiversity, throughout the world, and not stand idily by when other people are destroying that which makes the world beauitiful.
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Thumbs down WARNING BS Coefficient Exceeds Safe Limit!

Christian VH:
" As for your statement about Darwinian evolution, I have to wonder how you come up with this stuff?"
I don't believe I said a word about Darwin or Evolution, if I recall I believe I said:
As for "Endangered Species", species have been coming and going for billions of years. That's part of the circle of life...
Various "...ologists", self agrandizing or otherwise, have concluded that as of the present, 99% of all species that ever lived have become extinct. Given that "modern" human history has only been ongoing for a few 10s of thousands of the roughly 5 billion year history of the earth, odds are William of Ockham would conclude humans probably weren't much at fault.

Christian VH:
"How did you determine that humans are endangered? Is it because we are spreading like a virus across the planet, unable or unwilling to check our population growth and therefore our use of the earths limited resources..."
...We as a [the?] Human race are spreading like wildfire. IMHO every problem in our society can be attributed to over population.
We are overpopulated, there must be some population control, governments are unwilling to do anything about it
I'm convinced! We're coming up to the Malthusian Limit and I didn't even realize it! Damn! Rachel Carlson must be rollering in her [non-biodegradable] grave! But, have no fear! There is a solution!

Firstly, we need to cancel Food Aid for 3rd world countries. We waste valuable habitat growing all that food, its expensive, and the damned recipients reproduce like rats. Various of Bill and Hillary's "ologists" estimate that without Food Aid, millions would be eliminated in only months...

Next, we need to close down the Center for Disease Control, fast! One of the most effective ways for cutting back on excess population--and winnowing out the shallow end of the gene pool in the process--is a good Black Plague. Why, the Plague alone reduced the human population by an estimated 40% in the 1300's and there's no reason why a good one couldn't do so today if the damned CDC would stop interfering!

And the AID's Initiative. Boy we've got to stop that. It keeps the diseased going for far too long after spreading the virus to others. If we just stop that Initiative some of Gates' pet "ologists" estimate that we can clear out another 30% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa in less than a decade. Moreover, overpopulation, and rental rates, in the Castro District will drop like a rock in the same period!

And the Center for Aging. Jeeze. That damned program has kept old bastard's [like me] around for far longer than necessary and needs to go! There's no good reason why we need people to live past their 60's anyway. They're not productive any longer and they just use up resources that could be better employed keeping our Kangaroo Rats and Spotted Owls healthy!

And Welfare! Jeeze there's a real opportunity. Cut out Aid for Family's with Dependant Children and some other "..ologists" estimate that the minority birth rate in the US will drop by 80% within half a decade! (They sure won't be having litters of 8 at a time!)

And Nukes! Jeeze--We've got to stop blocking the N. Korean's, Syrian's and Iranian's efforts to get and use Nukes. Why, their selfless efforts alone could cut down the world's excess population by a good 10% or more in a heart-beat.

Okay. I don't want to get all the credit. Jump in here with your own suggestions boys. (But remember, there are a few bsologists hereabouts.)

s/v HyLyte

PS: Would someone please pass the salt?
"It is not so much for its beauty that the Sea makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air, that emanation from the waves, that so wonderfully renews a weary spirit."
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I think we need to put the readers of the portal page out this misery. While the story still has chapters yet to play out this one has no place left to go.

Thread close due to excessive drift.

Paul Blais
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